President Donald Trump Kept America Safe From Threat Of Jimmy Kimmel Laughing At Him

President Donald Trump Kept America Safe From Threat Of Jimmy Kimmel Laughing At Him
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Hey, Matt Taibbi! We found your government censorship and it is escándalo!

Rolling Stone reports that President PAB was so pissed about comedian Jimmy Kimmel making fun of him on ABC that he demanded White House aides lean on Disney, the network's parent company, to rein him in — i.e. censor him. One source told RS that the sitting president's minions complained to multiple Disney execs in 2018 that the host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" was “very dishonest and doing things that [Trump] would have once sued over.”

And indeed, if he were a private citizen, Trump would have been entirely within his rights to call up a company and embarrass himself by whining that a late night host was being mean to him. Which would be hi-freakin'-larious of course, because thin-skinned, rich manbaby stories are never not funny. (Hi, Elon!) But Trump was not a private citizen, and his actions were clearly an attempt by the government to suppress speech in violation of the First Amendment. Which is actually not funny at all.

This isn't an edge case. And before the Elon reply guys come at us, there's a difference between the Biden campaign asking Twitter to take down stolen nudes of Hunter Biden which violate the site's terms of service and White House staffers making multiple calls to stop an entertainer from hurting Commander Snowflake's wee feefees. Nor is it remotely analogous to the Biden administration using official channels to point out COVID and election misinformation to social media sites.

This was an attempt by the White House to suppress speech critical of the president, and it bears noting that literally no one in the president's orbit was willing to say "no."

“I do not know to who[m], but it happened. Nobody thought it was going to change anything but DJT was focused on it so we had to do something…It was doing something, mostly, to say to [Trump], ‘Hey, we did this,'” an anonymous source told RS.

These craven hacks were more willing to break the law than to piss off the cranky toddler shitposting in the Oval Office. Of course we wound up with a coup attempt when Americans voted that guy out of office.

Meanwhile, Republicans are going to hold ten thousand hours of hearings on supposed censorship of conservatives at Twitter, a thing which never happened, as they wail at the gross unfairness of not letting the world see Hunter Biden's dick pics. It's like DeSantis inveighing against cancel culture while simultaneously banning books.

If it wasn't for bad faith, these people would have no faith at all.

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