President Obama Invites Teen Muslim 'Bomb-Maker' To Jihad The White House

Whatcha gonna do about it?

Do you know the name Ahmed Mohamed yet? You should. He's probably going to cure cancer, or reverse the effects of global warming, or finally invent us some damned jet packs. (We are STILL waiting!) Also, he's the 14-year-old in Irving, Texas, who is smarter than every single adult in his town, with the possible exception of his parents. He was turned in by his teacher and principal, interrogated by police, and then cuffed and arrested -- for making a clock that looked, to their (RACIST) untrained (RACIST) eyes (RACIST), like a bomb, because of how he is a Muslim science nerd, and they are all (RACIST RACIST RACIST) idiots. He might save the world one day, if not falsely imprisoned for nerding while Muslim. At least this guy seems to think so:

Texas would be better off it had more people like Ahmed Mohamed, who like to do fun science things in their spare time, like make clocks. But then, this is the same state that elected Rick Dumb-As-Dirt Perry. He doesn't even know how "broken" clocks work.

We hope Ahmed does go to the White House to show the president his kick-ass clock, so that this despicable tale of blatant racism plus jaw-dropping stupidity ultimately equals a heartwarming story about a bright first-generation American teen (or, as Republicans would call him, an "anchor baby") being recognized and rewarded for his ingenuity. And we hope the president gives him a cookie, a medal of honor, a ticker tape parade, and a hat that says THIS IS WHAT MAKING AMERICA GREAT LOOKS LIKE. It could say SUCK ON THAT, DONALD TRUMP, on the back.

Oh, and do enjoy  your outrage, wingnuts, that the president would dare invite a young Muslim scientist to the White House, when he has never bothered to invite any teens who failed biology because they believe the world is a few thousand years old and flat.



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