President Obama To Double-Dog Dare Republicans To Impeach Him. On Live TV!

Republicans have made it very clear they do not want to have to impeach President Obama -- unless he forces them to do it by, for example, insisting on doing his job for the next two years.

They are particularly concerned that the president will issue an executive order on immigration -- something no president in our nation's history has ever done -- since Congress refuses to do anything more than grumble incoherently about a bigger fence or maybe a moat. Moderately cooler heads, like Fox News bile-spewer Charles Krauthammer, have even advised the party not to take "impeachment-bait," no matter how badly the president is trying "to suck you into a one-issue fall."

So what's a mom-jeans-wearing tyrant on the verge of forcing Republicans to impeach him to do?

Address the nation on Thursday night during primetime and say, "Go on, DO IT. I DARE YOU!"

Guess Republicans have a tough choice ahead of them. Sure, they've been saying for years that they can't really impeach the president, what with those lousy obstructionist Democrats running the Senate. But that all changes in January, and Republicans will have free reign to impeach whatever they want. The president obviously isn't backing down, though, so we'll soon find out just how serious the GOP is about sending the president to his room without dessert if he proceeds on immigration reform all on his lonesome.

We'll all be tuning in to the president's address on Thursday, at 8 p.m. Eastern, and so can you. We've got our popcorn ready. And then it's your move, Republicans.



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