Press To John McCain: 'Sack Up'

Reporters are a lot like common housecats: they laze around until they see some shiny thing, which they toy with for two minutes before going back to vomiting and sleeping on your clean laundry. (Bloggers are a lot like common bums, who cut straight to the vomiting and laundry-soiling.) It's no surprise that Barack Obama, a shiny bauble if ever there was one, enjoys terrific press coverage this election cycle -- the most generous and adoring coverage since John McCain ran for president in 2000. But John McCain can't stop grumping about it, because he is a sour old bitch who feels betrayed by his former friends.

Meanwhile, reporters far and wide are all having a hearty chuckle about what a loser John McCain looks like the more he complains.

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC anchor: “The great irony of it coming from the McCain camp is that no candidate in modern American politics got more favorable treatment from the press than John McCain in 2000. ... For McCain to now cry foul because the media is intrigued by a new exciting candidate is humorous."

Jake Tapper, of ABC News: “It’s difficult not to see McCain’s point that Obama has generally been getting not only more positive press but quantitatively more press, period ... But it is a bit like Britney Spears complaining that Miley Cyrus gets more publicity than her talent warrants. True, but haven’t you been there yourself?”

John McCain needs to quit whining, stop hanging out in Kennebunkport with old men in mock turtlenecks, and get a groovy new earring like Harrison Ford.

Mac Attack [New York Observer]


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