Professional Race Baiter Tucker Carlson Calls Pretty Much All Black People 'Professional Race Baiters'

Professional Race Baiter Tucker Carlson Calls Pretty Much All Black People 'Professional Race Baiters'

Wasn't it nice, a week ago (okay, maybe two), when pretty much the whole country could agree it was a terrible thing that a teenage boy had been killed for being black? And the people whodidn't agree had the sense to keep their goddamn pieholes shut? Don't you just want to burn down the whole Internet right now? Us too! Now, your Wonkette had just read a charming story about Tucker Carlson palling around with terrorists, and decided if Bill Ayers could be sweet and peaceful in the face of the provocation that is a fucking DUET of Andrew Breitbart and Tucker Carlson, oh, hell, maybe we would stop trying to hurt America too! Dude, fuck that noise.

First we got to read Jonah Goldberg's diarrhea all over our morning LA Times -- Jonah's main point is a singular misunderstanding that Hispanic people can be white or black, followed with a proud avowal that Jesse Jackson is insane for saying the prison-industrial complex preys on black men. (You know, akin to the study of the intersection between race, the law and the courts that is such a silly thing to question!)

Now we get Tucker Carlson spitting his way through his usual dreck about how black lawmakers (and President Obama) are "professional race-baiters" for making the death of an unarmed black boy about race. Take it away, RawStory (and thanks for watching Fox so we don't have to):

“And so for people to weigh in, for professional race-baiters like the ones you just saw on television, and for the president himself to weigh in and make this a simple parable about white racism is very foolish because it may not turn out to bolster that accusation, for one. And for another, do you really want to have a conversation about who kills who in this country? Do you want to look at the statistics? This is not a conversation that political figures should be weighing in on at all.”

Hmmm, we're gonna go with "the Irish," or as you call them, the "NYPD."

Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller, of course, has been slinging shit far and wide this week, particularly due to the unending stamina of young star reporter Matthew Boyle, who should go far in that world; do read Max Read for a more thorough and wise explainer than we could muster, as our kitchen floor wasn't going to lie on itself.

Without further ado, here's ... this thing. Fucking gah.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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