Professor Barack Obama's Outrageous 'Get Your Butts Back To Work' Speech Divisive, Hurtful, Professor-y

OMG you guys, this Professor Barack Q. Obama Esquire, PhD., is just so mean, and professory, the way he's lecturing and rubbing Republicans' faces in their loss of the 2013 Government Shutdown Bowl. The partisan rhetoric was just overwhelmingly cruel, as the Tyrant told Republicans:

"You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there win an election... Push to change it. But don't break it. Don't break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. That's not being faithful to what this country's about."

What's worse, now he's talking about passing a budget, immigration, and a farm bill, as if it's Congress's job to pass legislation, rather than to repeal it. Did this man even pass high-school civics in whatever Pakistani madrassa he attended?

Happily, there are some lights of sanity out there, like Peter Morici at Newsmax, who recognizes that the shutdown only ended through the Administration's "deceit and demagoguery." It's alliterative, so it must be true! Morici accuses Treasury Secretary Jack Lew of deliberate deception, because only crazy people think debt default was a real threat:

Lew has purposefully cultivated fear in financial markets by falsely stating the United States must default if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling. That would only happen if he failed to establish appropriate priorities for the $250 billion in taxes collected each month.

His doomsday rhetoric makes the U.S. government appear inept and irresponsible, has eroded the primary standing of U.S. securities in global markets, and will weaken U.S. economic leadership in global forums for many years to come.

Funny how the bond rating agencies were taken in by Lew's deception and said the same thing -- as we know,the financial markets are notoriously full of Obama allies like that.

The Daily Caller's Rosa Parks of shouting during presidential speeches, Neil Munro, took the opportunity to point out that Obama called for immigration reform, wasting important time that could be used to re-fight the Affordable Care act debate:

If the GOP doesn’t agree to his tax and spending plans in the next 90 days — despite bitter disagreement since Obama was inaugurated, almost 250 weeks ago — Obama gets to play the government-shutdown card against the GOP all over again ...

The political pressure is also raised by the continued, visible failures of Obamacare.

Few young and healthy customers have signed up for the expensive government-approved medical network, and the federal survey of households showed that American employers actually reduced their full-time employment rolls while preparing for Obamacare in the first six months of the year.

For godssake, the exchanges have been open for a full two weeks, and NOBODY is actually covered by any of the policies that go into effect on Jan. 1 yet!

Far worse, Obama said a bunch of stuff to welcome back the wasteful government workers whose oppressive beer-regulating presence we'd all been freed from for two weeks, thanking them for their service and saying that their work "matters." This was too much for rightwing anger spigot SE Cupp, who tweeted:

Yes, these NASA workers doing science, all those CDC researchers tracking flu outbreaks, those National Institutes for Health cancer trials, even the fascist park rangers telling people that they can't ride ATV's down the Grand Canyon -- so very nauseating. Maybe not as nauseating as furloughed FDA inspectors not catching tainted meat, but still nauseating.

And maybe not as nauseating as what happened to this contract worker in the kitchen at the American Indian Smithsonian Museum, who can go back to work now, but who won't be getting any back pay because he's not technically a "government employee."

Kind of sucks to be him, but at least Ted Cruz got two million signatures on a petition calling for that line cook to never get health insurance. So things worked out OK, all in all.

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