Police Shot Black Man In The Back In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Because This Sh*t Never Ends

Police Shot Black Man In The Back In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Because This Sh*t Never Ends

Jacob Blake is hospitalized and fighting for his life after Kenosha, Wisconsin, police shot him in the back multiple times. Blake was attempting to open the door of a parked car on a residential street in broad daylight. This started just after 5 p.m. on Sunday when police "responded to a reported domestic incident," according to their statement. Reportedly, Blake was breaking up a fight between two women, but when the police arrived, Blake wound up pushed around and tased. Maybe the cops wanted to see the women fighting and thought Blake was spoiling a good thing.

As we can see from a a bystander's video, which was posted on social media, Blake was walking away from the officers, who were pointing guns and yelling at him. One officer grabbed his shirt, and as Blake opened the driver's side door, he's shot potentially six times. That's grotesque, but that's apparently how these officers were trained, and we can expect to hear about how Blake didn't respond appropriately to the officers' instructions and that justifies attempted homicide. He might as well have shot himself.

Blake's three sons were in the car that police fired into with little regard for human life. The children watched as their father was mowed down and they listened as bystanders screamed in horror. According to a police statement, the officers valiantly fulfilled a basic obligation and didn't let Blake bleed out in front of his kids.

At 5:11 p.m. Kenosha Police Officers were sent to the 2800 block of 40th Street for a domestic incident and were involved in an officer-involved shooting.

The cops were involved in the shooting that they were involved in while shooting someone? This is fabulous double-speak. Wisconsin police don't have to wear body cameras, so without bystanders' candid cameras, we'd only have their word on what happened.

Officers provided immediate aid to the person. The person was transported via Flight for life to the Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee. The person is in serious condition.

The officer who shot Blake and his crew were placed on administrative leave, which is fully paid. If Blake recovers, it's uncertain what condition he'll be in to provide for his children. According to the state's Department of Justice, the Division of Criminal Investigation is managing the coverup investigation of the shooting. The division "aims to provide a report of the incident to the prosecutor within 30 days" to determine whether to file any charges. We've been here before: There have been numerous police-involved shootings in southeast Wisconsin, where most of the state's Black population resides. The cops were rarely anything more than inconvenienced.

Malcolm X - Democracy - Police State - Hypocrisywww.youtube.com

Protests quickly broke out after an invading force came into a community and shot down a man who was more effective at de-escalating a situation than so-called professionals. As Sherlock Holmes once noted, “Violence does in truth recoil upon the violent," so the demonstrations led to great unrest, but it's important to note it never reached the violent act of shooting a man in the back.

Rocks and bricks were thrown. Garbage trucks were lit on fire. Unoccupied buildings were burned. Police showed up in riot gear more than willing to tear gas people. A curfew was imposed on the city.

Conservatives might think otherwise but these uprisings have never occurred without provocation. From Minneapolis to Atlanta to Kenosha, the spark was lit when police killed — or let's hope in Blake's case only seriously wounded — a Black person. America doesn't peacefully protest after terrorist attacks. Conservatives decry “anarchy" but the lawlessness is coming from inside the police station.

Donald Trump's fail-son has nothing to say about the brutal and unjustified shooting of Jacob Blake. It's not a shock he cares more about property than people, but you'd think he'd at least understand his father is still the president. This is happening on Trump's watch, and his only answer, based on his second-term agenda, is to hire more cops who'll shoot more Black people in the back, which will lead to more uprisings. We're all just chasing rainbows.

MLK on Police Brutalitywww.youtube.com

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