QAnon Idiots Get Banned From Reddit For Harassing ... Satan

Yesterday, to the great dismay of lunatics across the internet, Reddit banned the largest QAnon-focused subreddit, r/GreatAwakening, citing violations of Reddit's content policy "specifically inciting violence, harassment, and the dissemination of personal information."

For the uninitiated, here is Wonkette's splainer on the whole conspiracy. Basically, they think that Donald Trump and Robert Mueller are working together to take down a massive pedophile ring that somehow involves both Hollywood and the Democratic Party, but also John McCain (who they believe is not dead). They get "drops" from someone who posts to 8chan and leaves them clues about this whole thing, called "breadcrumbs," which they then have to do "research" to interpret. OH. And they think that "Q" is JFK Jr., who is also not dead.

Frankly, given the horrific activities of the sub -- which included many threads devoted to accusing prominent celebrities of pedophilia and child murder, as well as threats against Hillary Clinton and various other people -- this was pretty long overdue.

In addition to r/GreatAwakening, the following subreddits were also banned:

/r/The_GreatAwakening, r/thegreatawakening, r/AFTERTHESTQRM, r/BiblicalQ, r/TheCalmBeforeTheStorm, r/CalmBeforeTheStorm, r/qproofs, r/QAnon_Serious, r/WWG1WGA, r/GreatAwakeningII, r/TheGreatWakeUp, r/greatest_awakening, r/great_awaken, r/QClearanceAnon, r/greatawakening2, r/TheStorm, r/QAnon, r/Quincels, r/quqanon, r/GREATqAWAKENING, r/QAnonUK, r/thestormishere, r/The_SwampWatch, r/QanonTools, r/QGreatAwakening, r/QanonandJFKjr, r/WWG1WGA01, r/ThankQ, r/ThePatriotArk, r/PatriotsFight, r/Q4U, r/BiblicQ

(I am honestly just extremely disappointed that I did not previously know about r/Qincels, because I so would have been on top of that. Can you even imagine?)

Q themselves even posted about the purge, suggesting that Alex Jones getting banned from Twitter was actually all about setting up a way to "censor" QAnon. Who, again, is maybe dead JFK Jr.

So far, there are a few theories on the reasons why the subreddits were killed. Personally, I would like to assume it is because of the fact that they go around literally accusing people of murder and pedophilia and also murdering and molesting children and then drinking their blood or harvesting their adrenal glands in order to procure a substance (adrenochrome) that can also be obtained by letting an epi-pen expire or oxidizing epinephrine in a lab. But they've been doing that for a while, it is kind of their whole schtick.

One theory being proposed in the Top Minds Of Reddit subreddit (which by the way is a JAM) is that the ban was the result of targeted harassment of the proprietor of a satirical Twitter account for ... SATAN.

You see, there was a "Q drop" related to this tweet sent out by Satan in 2015.

Basically "Q" inferred that the satirical account was run by a BIG NAME and uh, working to undermine Trump or something.

Naturally, this was a very big deal over on the QAnon subreddits -- the mods over at r/GreatAwakening stickied a post calling for people to harass "Satan."

And lo, they did.

And here are about 200 other tweets sent by the QAnon patriots, calling for the death of someone who runs a satirical Twitter account pretending to be Satan and accusing them of pedophilia and various other horrible things. It got so bad that "Satan" actually went to the subreddit to beg them to stop on at least two occasions. In one post, swiftly deleted by the mods, they wrote:

I got harassed all day yesterday being accused of being a fucking child sex trafficker... do you have any idea what that's fucking like, to be accused of something so vile because of a 3 year old tweet about a fucking PIZZA. Do you realise how insane that sounds.

Given that targeted harassment is a thing that can get your subreddit banned, it's likely that this is at least part of the reason for the great QAnon purge.

Of course, there is another theory. It is a stupid theory, but a theory nonetheless. According to Big League Politics, this is all because of some dude named Gary (not linking and all identifying information has been redacted, by me)

Top Reddit moderators have provided Big League Politics with information showing that left-wing operatives including an employee of CBS have been involved in posing as Trump supporters to post offensive anonymous content on Reddit in order to get pro-Trump subreddits flagged. BLP will be rolling out that information today as this censorship purge goes into high gear.

The CBS employee has been identified by top Reddit moderators as Gary *******[...]
More than 30 covert left-wing actors have been identified coordinating with ******, including activists linked to Media Matters and the ACLU.

The evidence they provide for "Gary" is this post in r/conspiracy, in which he says he is a liberal. As we all know, this is very much against the law.

See, the thing with that -- if you know anything about Reddit and how it works -- is that moderators are allowed to remove "offensive" content and ban users from their subreddit, or make it so that people have to be approved to comment. A lot of the time, when you make a top-level post in a community, it doesn't go up immediately, because it has to be approved by the moderators first. So it would actually be extremely difficult to post "offensive" things that the moderators and community did not want or approve of, to the extent that it would actually get the whole community banned.

But, you know, good try, Big League Politics!

Since the ban, many of the former denizens of r/greatawakening have migrated over to Voat, which also took in the r/Pizzagate subreddit after it got banned. However, because Reddit is so much more popular than Voat is, this will still likely put a dent in their, uh, "movement."

Although there are QAnon Facebook communities, it is less likely that these will take over where r/greatawakening left off, largely because Facebook makes you use your real name. If these people were to go around using their real names and accusing people of being pedophiles or inciting violence, then it is entirely possible that they could get into some serious legal trouble.

While the "patriots" and their supporters are claiming this is "censorship," it is not censorship. A website has the right to say "Hey, we don't allow this thing, and if you do this thing, then you are banned." Additionally, harassing people, inciting people to harass other people or inciting violence, and accusing people of being pedophiles are not forms of speech protected by the First Amendment. They are not things anyone is allowed to do anywhere, not just on Reddit.

[Top Minds Of Reddit]

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