QAnon Idiots Think Quarantined Celebs Are Using Videos To Send Secret Messages About Eating Babies


During this period of coronavirus and self-isolation, we have all been asking ourselves some questions.

When the hell is this going to be over?

When will we know if the curve is starting to flatten?

Can people stop telling us to put on regular pants? (I SAY EMBRACE CAFTANS!)

Will we have enough ventilators?

Will people be more open to a national health care system like all the normal countries have after this?

Are the celebs okay?

Okay, fine, maybe that last one is just me (and the one about pants, probably, because I hate pants). But for real, one of the ways some of us have been entertaining ourselves during this period of confinement is by watching the various videos celebrities are posting to social media in order to cope with isolation. Some have been great!


Others, like that "Imagine" video featuring all of the millionaire celebs singing about how we should all imagine no possessions, have been not so great.

And then there's Madonna and whatever it is that Madonna is doing.

Now, if you are a normal person, your reaction to this will be somewhere in between "Oh god is Madonna having a nervous breakdown?" and "Why? Why is she doing this?"

However, if you are a QAnon person, you are gonna decide that Madonna singing about fried fish to the tune of Vogue is some kind of secret message to all of the Illuminati Pizzagate Celebs and also that the reason she and all the other celebs are going a little off the deep end with these "OH GOD WE ARE IN QUARANTINE VIDEOS" is not because they are people who are used to getting a huge amount of attention day in and day out, but because they are running low on adrenochrome and suffering from withdrawal.

According to these dopes "Fried Fish" is either code for "False Flag"...

Or it is a reference to serial killer and cannibal Albert Fish. You know, because that's definitely a connection that Madonna is making.

"Pasta," they believe, is code for little girls — and that when Madonna says that she doesn't have any pasta, she is actually putting a call out for someone to deliver her a child so that she can molest the child and then eat it. As one does. This, to them, is more believable than an Italian lady talking about pasta and eating fish on a Friday.

But Madonna is not the only one they think is sending special secret messages! The QAnon people are very obsessed with Ellen and pretty much think she has supplanted Beyoncé as queen of the Illuminati at this point. They also believe that all of the coronavirus videos she is doing during this time are secretly coded messages to other Illuminati people about baby-eating and adrenochrome.

Are you wondering what the hell #FRAZZLEDRIP is? I will tell you. QAnon idiots believe that there is a video somewhere, codenamed FRAZZLEDRIP, of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin cutting the face off of a child and then prancing around wearing it like a mask, and then consuming the little girl's adrenal gland for the adrenochrome.

This is, of course, not a real thing. But they think that whatever is on Ellen's t-shirt is some kind of homage to this.

Over on Voat, one eagle-eyed "anon" noticed that there is wood in some of the celebrity videos. For instance, both Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon have wood-paneled rooms. Does this mean something? You bet it does(n't)!

I noticed in several there is wood, like Ben Stiller with the big chunk of wood, Ryan Reynolds in his wood paneled room, Jimmy Fallon in his wood room and another one in front of a tree painting. Also noticed Kimmel has a picture of a birdcage behind him in his. And sadly I can't get Madonna's stupid fried fish little ditty out of my head.

Does this mean something? You bet it does(n't)!

"Wormwood spewing free radicals in high iron content blood" it was either in x22 or iPot, not sure.

I think the andrenchrome was spiked with wormwood because it reacts to high iron content in blood. Maybe it was spiked with CV-19 too but re-read lady gaga's vampire post about "unseen poison" in the blood. I would bet wormwood poisoning of vampires might give "flu like symptoms". (hanks)

I bet The Patriots are sitting on the only antidote for it (if I had to guess).

Also wormwood is an Apocalypse reference from the Bible. (It's going to be biblical.)

"Their symbolism will be their downfall"~Q

Yeah. It's crazy. Both Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon made wood-paneled rooms in their homes just in case a pandemic hit and they had to do videos from home in front of them in order too send out a secret message that adrenochrome is spiked with wormwood. Also vampires are real now and wormwood gives them the flu.

Liz Crokin (who, again, we feel bad for because of her brain damage) explained last week that, actually, it's not that the adrenochrome is in short supply, but that it has been tainted by "white hats."

In the meantime, the "actual" Q is insinuating to these people that COVID-19 is a bioweapon created to keep Trump from getting elected by making it harder for him to have rallies and to destroy his economic and unemployment gains.

Ironically, "Q" ends their missive with a reference to Occam's Razor — the theory that the simplest explanation is most likely to be true. Surely, it is this theory that has led them to believe things like "Madonna is singing about 'fried fish' in an attempt to reference a false flag that is going to happen soon" over "Madonna is not doing well with social-distancing and is thus getting a little delirious."

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