Q Sent Him: Conspiracist Dad Kills Wife, Shoots Daughter, Gets Shot By Cops

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Q Sent Him: Conspiracist Dad Kills Wife, Shoots Daughter, Gets Shot By Cops

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a young woman called 911 in Walled Lake, Michigan, to report she'd just been shot by her father. When the police arrived, they heard a gunshot, and saw 53-year-old Igor Lanis emerge from his home with a Remington 870 pump action shotgun and start firing. Police shot back, killing Lanis where he stood.

Rachel, the 25-year-old daughter who had called 911, tried to crawl out of the home, having been shot in her back and legs, and was rushed to emergency surgery where she is now in stable condition. She told police her father had also shot her mother, and when they entered the home they found the body of 56-year-old Tina Lanis, who had been shot multiple times in the back as she tried to run out the door. The family dog was also killed.

Later on Sunday, the following was posted to the QAnonCasualties subreddit, under the heading "My Qdad snapped and killed my family this morning."

Yep. The internet ruined him.

Growing up, my parents were extremely loving and happy people. I always had a special bond with both my parents.

In 2020 after Trump lost, my dad started going down the Q rabbit hole. He kept reading conspiracy theories about the stolen election, Trump, vaccines, etc. He always said he wanted to keep us safe and healthy.

It kept getting worse and he verbally snapped at us a few times. Nothing physical though. He never got physical with anybody.

Well, at around 4 AM on September 11, he had an argument with my mother and he decided to take our guns and shoot her, my dog and my sister. My mother succumbed to her wounds and my sister is in the hospital right now.
My dad also fired back at the cops and they killed him.

I'm shocked and I don't even know what to say.

Fuck you, Qanon. I hope the FBI tightens its grip on you and that your lackies rot in prison (and hell) for poisoning so many people.

The poster has since been confirmed to be Lanis's other daughter, Rebecca, who had been staying at a friend's house at the time of the shooting. Rebecca Lanis also told The Detroit News that her father had always had mental health issues but had become increasingly agitated in the last year, having fallen down a rabbithole of conspiracy theories since Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

"It's really so shocking but it really can happen to anybody," Lanis sad. "Right-wing extremism is not funny, and people need to watch their relatives and if they have guns, they need to hide them or report them or something because this is out of control."

It really is. We've seen more than a few QAnon- and Pizzagate-related crimes in the last few years, including child abduction, assault, stalking and murder. Not to mention the many adherents present during the January 6 insurrection.

As ridiculous as most conspiracy theories are, they are usually at least somewhat fixed. People believe in alien abductions or that there are lizard people controlling the world, or the government is trying to control us by putting fluoride in the water or poison us with chemtrails, or that the Middle Ages never happened. Most of these beliefs are usually supported by poorly interpreted "evidence" of some kind, something that makes the theories believable to people other than themselves. The flat earth people, for instance, have 20,000 YouTube videos where they go to the beach and film the horizon while yelling "Where's the curve?"

But the whole QAnon/Pizzagate thing is more like a group improv subculture than a traditional conspiracy theory. There are a few basic premises — that there is a Deep State, that there are massive pedophile rings involving pretty much every famous person on earth who is not a MAGA conservative, and that "Patriots/White Hats are in control" behind the scenes making sure the story ends the way it is supposed to, with all the evil being exposed, yadda, yadda, yadda — but mostly it is a free-for-all. It's ultimately a community of people who have largely agreed that anything one of them makes up could be true and probably is. It's very feelings-based. Not one of them would be able to explain exactly how one would extract "adrenochrome" from ritually abused children in order to get high, they just know in their hearts that it must be happening.

Our brains are so much more malleable than we like to think they are. It's why eyewitness testimony is the least reliable form of evidence, and why we can teach ourselves new habits that eventually become automatic. It's why, as gross as it feels, we actually do feel better if we force ourselves to smile. It's why negative self-talk can really screw you up.

If someone is consistently training their brain to believe impossible things and to sort of accept that anything they or someone else imagines can be true, there really is no telling what they could get themselves to believe or what they might do about it as a result. Igor Lanis is proof of that.

[Oakland County Sheriffs on Facebook]

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