Rachel Campos Duffy's Black Friend From The 'Projects' Totally Exists

Post-Racial America
Rachel Campos Duffy's Black Friend From The 'Projects' Totally Exists
Screenshot- Laura Ingraham Show

According to Rachel Campos Duffy, former reality TV personality and current Fox News personality, migrant baby jails are better than the "Projects". And she totally knows this for fact because she has a "black friend" who told her so. This totally mysterious black friend enlightened her on the horrors faced by black people in black places, which makes it perfectly okay for Trumpco to lock away those "privileged" brown babies. Also, stop being mean to her for spewing that hot garbage on the Laura Ingraham (who believes baby jails are like "Summer Camp") show, because it's not fair that you refuse to believe she has a black friend.

Here she is sitting down with the nazi salute lady, dishing out some horrible nonsense about how kind we are for locking kids away in safe places while all the black children and no other types of children are wasting away in the projects:

Hey, Rachel! We lock the black children from the projects away in jails too. Plus, also, we are not systematically ripping them away from their parents before placing them into public housing. Even if we were doing that, I highly fucking doubt I would see your silly little face on TV crying about how poorly we treat black kids. Kinda funny how all of a sudden Fox News people are starting to pretend to give the first shit about black kids, now that we are jailing brown babies. So, um, fuck you, don't try to make my kids your excuse to abuse other kids. I'm not interested in jumping on the Trump Train and playing the role of "Real Victim" in your newest reality show about "Brown Baby Inmates vs. Black Struggle Infants". If you want to make America great again, you can simply stfu and not vote. Really, it's all we need from you.

Since absolutely nobody on this planet believes that Campos Duffy has even one black friend, she struggled to find an audience that wasn't laughing at her bullshit comments. I mean, who would believe that a black man would walk up to the defenders of white supremacy on Fox News to pour out his heart on how horribly black kids are treated in the ghetto? It was just sooooo convenient that he appeared at the perfect time to help her deflect criticism from Trump for imprisoning children. After being dragged over her lies, Campos Duffy decided she had to defend herself. "I DO TOO HAVE A BLACK FRIEND!!! I HATE YOU ALL!!", she probably exclaimed.

From the NYT:

"I mentioned it because I HAD just spoke to an African American who complained to me about never seeing this level of media attention about Black kids being separated from their parents and that some of the facilities he saw looked nicer and safer than the projects he grew up in," she wrote."

Sure, Rachel. We totally believe you had a black man in your pocket when you sat in the green room and he hipped you to game on how the baby jails are way better than not being locked up in baby jails. Honestly, even if you did have a pocket "Bagger Vance" to help guide you down the yellow brick road to "Blacklandia", nobody gives a shit what you say he says. As one who has been in and around projects during various times of my life, I will tell you that looks can be deceiving. There are certain things that the projects have that baby jails don't have; family, friends, freedom, fun, and actually knowing you can LEAVE. You can go outside. You can play. You get hugs.

Another thing? There are white people in the projects too. Shocking, but true.

Black people in general absolutely see through this strange and fucked up "outreach" from the GOP that uses our struggles as a weapon against other people of color. We also know that the second you are sated from oppressing brown babies, you will turn around and try to fuck us over some more. We will not be joining you anytime soon. We watched how you turned Ben Carson from a brain surgeon into a strange and distant genuflection addicted sycophant who is dumb enough to find ways to get trapped in elevators. If you think you are going to Pied Piper us and steal us away to do your bidding and play oppression Olympics, you have lost the last marble you had left.

Dismissed, honey. Just go away.



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