From Thursday'sRachel Maddow Show, a story of love, loss, and redemption from Poznan, Poland. In its farm animal exhibit, the Poznan Zoo has a pair of donkeys, Napoleon and Antosia, who really like each other. They're inseparable. So inseparable that over the 10 years the zoo has had them, they've had six foals or whatever babby donkeys are called. And so inseparable that some Polish moral majority types complained about their children witnessing unbridled Donkey Lust to a local official, Lydia Dudziak, who then complained to the zoo, which separated the donkeys, placing them in pens separated by a chain-link fence.


Also, too, sad zoo-goers, and a social media uproar, and a petition from over 10,000 angry fans of donkey love. So after a week, Napoleon and Antosia are back together, the Polish version of the Tea party has lost and will just have to deal with Donkey Lust, no matter their asinine objections, and Rachel Maddow is delighted. And if Rachel is delighted, we too are delighted.

Maybe there's a political metaphor in there, too, she suggests, but we have no earthly idea what she could be getting at.

Watch, enjoy, and have a good hee-haw.