Rachel Maddow Quotes 'Excellent And Profane' Mommyblog On California Anti-Immigrant Idiots (Video)

We got our name in the paper!

You know when you're a kid and your name is in the paper because you won 2nd place in the Pinewood Derby, and your mom clips it and puts it in a scrapbook and you tell all your friends? That's how we feel about Rachel Maddow reading a full paragraph -- not just a three-word snippet -- from a story in Yr little mommyblog, recipe hub and pony meme repository, Wonkette.com. It's a thrill, like Navin Johnson seeing his name in the new phonebook and just knowing he's really arrived, he's somebody now.

Never mind that 30 years later that clipping in the paper just leaves you wondering whether you really need to keep that old yellow piece of newsprint, it’s still a thrill, and we’re going to savor it. Maddow used our piece on the anti-immigrant jerkwads in Murietta, California, as part of a long setup to her interview with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, which we have below in the longform clip; for just the Wonkenpart, we have the short clip below, which we sincerely hope the nice folks at NBC won’t nuke.

And yes, the immigration thing is a tragedy. But we got mentioned on Rachel Maddow!

And here’s the full 23-minute segment with the interview; the Wonkpart starts at about 5 minutes in:

We showed our mom.


Doktor Zoom

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