Racist, Fascist, Coronavirus-Denying President Surprisingly Unpopular


Republicans spent four days at the Republican National Convention lying to Americans and crafting a universe so removed from reality it might as well have had Hobbits. They pretended COVID-19 was all behind us now and it was safe to gather in large crowds, unmasked, so Rudy Giuliani could rub his gross sweat on you. They also claimed Donald Trump was an empathetic family man, which was the greatest lie of all and a harder illusion to maintain. The president publicly berated his niece, Mary, on Twitter Saturday.

Mary Trump's “entire life" would include when she was a child, and her repulsive uncle is sharing with us how his equally repulsive family “shunned, scorned, and mocked" her. This is why Jimmy Stewart's granddaughter objected so strongly when RNC speaker Natalie Harp absurdly compared President Potter to It's a Wonderful Life's George Bailey, who actually gave a damn about people other than himself.

An ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday had some bad news for Trump: The week-long lie parade didn't change anyone's opinion about him or his opponent, Joe Biden.

Trump's week of celebration did not improve his favorability, even among his own base, and the country still remains widely critical of his handling of the major crisis of his presidency: COVID-19.

Less than one-third (31%) of the country has a favorable view of the president in the days after he accepted the Republican nomination for the second time -- a stagnant reality for Trump. His favorability rating stood at 32% in the last poll, taken a week earlier, right after the Democratic National Convention.

It is hard to win elections when everyone hates you. Yes, Trump's approval ratings were also underwater in 2016, but he was running against Hillary Clinton, who the right had smeared non-stop for decades. Clinton was also a woman, which unfortunately helped the slander and lies stick in the minds of white swing voters. Biden is not nearly as loathed or distrusted. The poll puts Biden's favorability at 46 percent, a 15-point advantage over Trump. Biden's favorability has also steadily increased in the past couple weeks while Trump's has remained stagnant. The segment of the electorate that admires presidents who bully their nieces is rather small.

Biden's favorability among Democrats increased by seven points after the convention, which showed the party more unified and with a singular purpose to save the nation from Trump. However, Trump's favorability among Republicans dipped four points during the Republican National Convention. All Trump has left are Republicans and Nazis who consider themselves political independents.

A solid majority of Americans (63 percent) think Trump's COVID-19 response is a disaster. Presumably, the other 37 percent are fine with Rudy using them as a hand towel.

And even if people forgot COVID-19 existed, like what happened to the Spice Girls in 2000, Trump is also trailing Biden among his supposed signature issue of LAW AND ORDER! A Yahoo! News/YouGov poll that dropped this weekend showed that Americans prefer by 20 points a president who'll bring people together instead of bust their heads. Biden is also considered a better bet to handle the protests, by eight points.

Vice President Mike Pence isn't doing much better. The same poll gives him a favorable rating of just 39 percent while 50 percent of Americans can't stand his stupid, round face. They seem ready for an upgrade. Kamala Harris has seen her favorables steadily increase she was named Biden's running mate. She's at 43 percent approval, which is a significant increase from her 35 percent rating prior to the Democratic National Convention.

Reasonable people were concerned when a Morning Consult poll came out Saturday that showed Joe Biden's lead down by six points, and because America is totally a functioning democracy, that might not be enough to overcome Trump's Electoral College advantage.

However, Democrats won the popular vote by 8.6 percent during the 2018 midterms, and that was before almost 200,000 Americans had died. With hard work and focus, we should match or even exceed that performance. The major takeaway from these polls is that more than two-thirds of Americans believe the country's on the wrong track, that's almost always fatal for an incumbent, especially since not enough voters like Trump enough to overlook the crappy job he's done.

There's 64 days until the election. Make a plan to vote and help others vote. Take nothing for granted until they're swearing in Joe and Kamala.

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