Racist Gaffe Machine Donald Sterling Will Not Pay The NBA One Red Cent, Thank You Very Much


In a move that surprises no one, it does not look like Donald Sterling will go gently into that good night. Reportedly, he's not gonna pay the fine, not gonna sell the team, does not think he did anything wrong, duh, and is going to fight fight fight. Oh Donald, you've won our hearts already.

SI.com has learned that Clippers owner Donald Sterling has hired prominent antitrust litigator Maxwell Blecher, who has written a letter to NBA executive vice president and general counsel Rick Buchanan threatening to sue the NBA. The letter, sources tell SI.com, claims that Sterling has done nothing wrong and that "no punishment is warranted" for Sterling. Blecher also tells Buchanan that Sterling will not pay the $2.5 million fine, which is already past due. Blecher ends the letter by saying this controversy "will be adjudicated."



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