Racist Nightmare Carl Paladino Also Hates Your Gay Children!
  • Carl Paladino held a town hall meeting with a bunch of Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg. Why was Carl in a room full of bearded hipster-Jews? Did he want to tell them his favorite watermelon jokes and then beat them all up? No, please don't be ignorant. Carl was there to talk about the issues, and the issues are: Carl doesn't want "brainwashed" children to think that being gay is even an option, unless of course these children want Carl Paladino to come over to their homes and smack some heterosexual sense into them? Oh and then Paladino accused Andrew Cuomo of marching in a "gay parade," which means Cuomo is probably a flamer and doesn't even like watching videos of ladies having sex with horses. If Carl Paladino gave a horse a blowjob it wouldn't even be bestiality, it would just be two animals getting it on, on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet or whatever. [NYT]
  • Teabaggers had their own special Bonnaroo thing in Richmond, Virginia. Chris Christie won the Tea Party presidential straw poll, but only because he got hungry and ate all the other candidates. [AP]

  • Barack Obama is making an MTV Mashup with The Roots. This is what the youth want to see, on their MySpace pages, before they will agree to vote in November. [The Caucus]


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