Random Muslim Becomes Millionth 'Al Qaeda No. 2' After Robot Kills Him


Anything besides hurricane news today? Yes! The Pentagon or the CIA or whatever corporation runs the robot death drone planes that constantly rain bombs on brown people throughout the world just announced that about a week ago, one of those robot death drone planes dropped a couple of million-dollar bombs somewhere and one of those bombs blew up a random Muslim or Arab (both?) somewhere, and this guy ... let's see, "Atiyah Abd al-Rahman," yep he turned out to be the latest "Number Two Al Qaeda," perhaps the Assistant Chief Financial Officer or whatever, on August 22, when he was apparently killed.

The New York Times reports from some unsourced anonymous Pentagon press release, as usual with this bullshit:

American officials described Mr. Rahman’s death as particularly significant as compared with other high-ranking Qaeda operatives who have been killed, because he was one of a new generation of Qaeda leaders that the network hoped would assume greater control after Bin Laden’s death.

Hahaha, "as compared with other high-ranking Qaeda operatives who have been killed," hahaha. Idiots. No, wait ... we're the idiots, for putting up with this, year after year. The second decade of the "War On Terror" will be "particularly significant," too, we bet. [NYT]


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