Rapper Warren G. Reads Warren G. Harding's Old-Timey Sexts To His Sidepiece

From the Jimmy Kimmel teevee program, here's some excerpts from the super-steamy mash notes of President Warren G. Harding to his mistress, Carrie Fulton Phillips. It is quite educational! Did you know that Harding called his tallywhacker "Jerry"? We did not! The only thing we remember about Harding was our 11th-grade history teacher's vwerdict on him: he was a man who got elected because people thought he looked like a President.

The letters are read by a gentleman we've never heard of because we are old nerds, but whom Gawker identifies as "rapper/regulator Warren G." We just wish they'd clarified whether he works at the EPA, OSHA, the SEC, or what.

Here, children, is what cybersex sounded like before there were computers: (update: Nothing lasts forever, and this video is as dead as poor Warren Gamaliel).

Also, we somehow missed the time that John Oliver read excerpts from the Book Of Gamaliel (aka "smutty fuck notes"), so here's that video, too:

Pity that Harding's personal physician (whom he appointed Surgeon General) was utterly incompetent and let him die -- Harding sounds like a lot more fun that Calvin Goddamned Coolidge.

[Gawker / Library of Congress]

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