Reagan Daughter Patti Davis Poses Nude At 58, Looks Great!


Weren't we just writing about Patti Davis, sorta kinda, earlier today? Seems like! And now, this:

I recently turned 58. My kickboxing teacher, who has known me for almost 20 years, recently commented, sort of in passing, that my body is in better shape now than when I posed for Playboy. I heard him, but I was concentrating on my spin kicks, so I put it on the back burner of my mind. That night, I stood in front of the mirror and thought, He’s right. My muscles are leaner, longer, more defined now, and I felt again a sense of victory over the years of abuse I’d subjected myself to, and also over the huge amount of time I’d wasted on addiction. With every workout, I feel as if I’m winning back lost time.

Do I need to put one of those juvenile "NSFW" things on this link, or are you guys clever enough to figure out that "poses nude" means just that, even though it's just a tasteful photo of her back and butt? And with tha-a-a-a-t ... I'm off to the gym. [More Magazine via so many of you]


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