Red State's Erick Erickson Goes Gynecological On GOP And Obamacare

Erick son of Erick, with extra Erick on the side, we are just so mad at you. Once again you have failed us all, and not just for being the wrongest Erick ever to Erick. We are mad because in your latest great attempt to be a big old "yeah I said it" sayer of terrible things, you were completely unable to man up and straight out call out the female-body-part-that must not be named, and instead came up with the stupidest euphemismever employed.

In a September 17 blog post, Erickson said that Obamacare must go because

A full quarter of the American public wants Congress to actually blow up Obamacare. When is the last time a full quarter of the whole population wanted Congress to do any one thing?

Erick has a funny idea of what a "majority" is! And then he wrote:

"the GOP, its allies in the press and pundit core, and its very leadership are such [insert euphemism of choice related to the female reproductive system] that they'd rather plan their surrender before making their retreat."

Say what? The GOP Congress is nothing but a bunch of fallopian tubes and ovaries?

Oh, no, that is just stupid. His excuse for not coming out and saying "Hey GOP members, pundits and leaders, you are all a bunch of pussies" is "as Editor of this site, I cannot use the word I wish to use." Why, Erick Erickson, why? Why can you not say pussy? It's your stupid blog, and you are its editor. How can we be properly offended by a word we are not offended by if you puss out and won't say it? Our Editrix has already gone on record with her favorite word for vagina being "muff," and we invite you to declare your own. If Obamacare is the easiest most hated policy that Congress could ever cunt-punt, do not make us have to come up with our own words, that is just lazy.

And listen man, your party has enough trouble with words and words that mean the same as other words as it is. In a Fox News Poll, delightfully making fun of it's own viewers, 22% of Republicans support the Affordable Care Act, but only 14% like Obamacare. See what happens when you try to use synonyms and euphemistic phrases at your people?

But speaking of polls, about that "when was the last time a full quarter of Americans wanted Congress to do anything" thing? We know of a couple: more than half support gay marriage, more than half support legalizing weed, and more than half support legal abortion.

So how's about calling out Congress for being a bunch of dicks for ignoring that shit too? Or can you not say dick on your blog either, only try poorly to euphemistically be one? Come on Erick Erickson, show some balls (do not show us your balls) -- go ahead and be the [insert euphemism of choice related to huge dick] that we know you can be.

[Media Matters]


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