RedState: It's Time To Ban Muslim Immigration

RedState has come up with a fun, new,very academic policy idea: Let's stop letting Muslims immigrate here! That will solve all of the problems on the problems list, such as economy and fetus death. "By now it is evident to all but the most brassbound liberals, incorrigible in their refusal to face hard facts, that Islam contains within it a sizeable faction of determined men whose politics derive from the warmaking doctrines of the Jihad. Wherever Islam is, this faction will be also." All groups of people have a few bad apples. (Who eventually turn into violent bad-apple cider? Sorry, that's a dumb cliche.) But Islam's bad apples are Muslim, so they shouldn't be allowed to be Americans, according to America's official blog, RedState. Plus, there are lots of other fun rules the government should enact to control current Muslim Americans!

RedState points to a list of new rules that should guide policy-makers. Pay close attention, because these are very wonky:

4. Require all Islamic literature, books and websites originating in the United States to be communicated in English. The use of Arabic will not be forbidden, but requiring English translations will make public advocacy of jihad and sharia more difficult to hide.

Gotcha, Muslims! Americans may not know much, but they do know how to read English! Sort of!

8. Notify all businesses, private institutions, schools and local agencies that anti-discrimination laws do not require accommodating the religious practices of Muslim employees, customers, associates or volunteers.

Playing keep-away with a fellow employee's headscarf is an important team-building exercise.

A constitutional amendment is a good idea

It certainly is. That First Amendment has gotten a big head now that it thinks it can allow Musliming.

Finally, there are things you can do:

3. Discriminate. If you are an employer, find a way not to hire Islamists or potential Islamists. [...]

4. Censor. If you have responsibilities for a place that sells, displays, or makes available religious literature – anywhere from a campus bookstore to a public library to a private conference room – make the Islamic stuff disappear [...]

6. Christianize. Islam is ascendant because Christianity is in retreat. The resulting secularism leaves a spiritual vacuum, and the most aggressive religious views will inevitably fill the void. Secularism has neither the resources nor the political will to effectively oppose Islam: a restoration of Christian culture is necessary. Learn your Christian faith and especially its history vis-à-vis Islam. If you’re a young man or woman, get married and have lots of Christian children.

How did the Founding Fathers forget to put this crap in all the big documents? These rules are important and will finally allow America to become America. [RedState/What's Wrong with the World (exactly!)]


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