So here was a weird moment in Thursday night's Republican debate! John Kasich, who is, science fact, a person running for the GOP nomination, was asked that typical Fox News Republican question: "If we put a gay on this stage right now, will you please beat him up?" And he wouldn't do it! Instead, he said a big sorta nice thing about how he doesn't PERSONALLY believe in gay-scissor-based marriage (right, like he even cares), but he would love his gay child, if he had one, AND he went to a gay wedding recently and ate all the gay cake, and it was just great. And then the Republican audience maimed him with the knives they keep in the hollow portions of their Bibles.

EXCEPT THEY DID NOT DO THAT AT ALL. They cheered, which led us to be like "wut?" Hurray for Republicans this one time acting like we all share a common humanity or something, or maybe Donald Trump was killing ISIS off camera and they were ignoring Kasich entirely, we don't know. Here is what he said:

Our court has ruled and I said we’ll accept it. And guess what? I just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. Because somebody doesn't think the way I do doesn't mean that I can't care about them or can't love them. So if one of my daughters happened to be that, of course I would love them and I would accept them, because you know what? That's what we're taught when we have strong faith.

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And then he said a thing about treating people with respect and, "God gives me unconditional love, and I'm going to give it to my family and my friends and the people around me." And again, the crowd CHEERED.

Now, this was a hometown crowd for Kasich, in the "Ohio" state, but this is pretty remarkable, because Huckabee and Santorum and Jindal and (insert fucking Republican loon what is running for president here) are all over the place bitching and moaning about how the Supreme Court overstepped its bounds and issued an illegitimate ruling, even though a solid majority of Americans support the ruling. But maybe that is actually not what reg'lar Republicans want? Maybe they, too, are sort of ready to let this be settled law, so they can focus on what's REALLY important to them, which is preventing ISIS from doing Planned Parenthood Fetus Parts to Texas.

And also, how much has changed in just four years! Because remember the time during THAT campaign, when a certified gay Army person asked the Republicans if they were going to allow people like him to continue to serve openly, and the mouth-breathers in the audience booed him, for protecting their freedom while also being gay for men? Let's relive that, together:

We know what you are thinking:

1. How nice that the Republicans seem to have grown up a little bit in the last four years, at least on the subject of EW GAY!

2. Oh, we are so glad Megyn Kelly grew her hair out, she looks so pretty now.

And you are right! Megyn Kelly in 2011:

Megyn Kelly in 2015, making a real bad face but with better hair:

Anyway, this was a post about John Kasich being a RINO who is nice to gays, the end.

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