Remember To Vote This November To Re-Elect Justice Scalia For President Of The Supreme Court

No really, this is how it works

Check out the Republican Party, spreading a stinking pile of plucked-directly-from-their-buttcracks lies again. As per usual. This week's elephant dung is the myth that that The American People, not The American President Elected By The American People (TWICE!), have the God-given right to select justices for the Supreme Court.

Now, if you are a mildly curious, semi-literate person who has skimmed the illustrated for kids CliffsNotes of the Constitution, or you at least have dial-up access to the interweb, you already know this is wrong, incorrect, inaccurate, false, and WRONG AGAIN. However, that's not stopping this rightwing group called the Judicial Crisis Network [insert ALL the eye-rolling here] from threatening to spend at least ONE MILLION BUCKS to tell The American People otherwise:

The campaign, dubbed "Let the People Decide," praises several senators who have sided with top Republicans and say the vacancy should be filled by the next president. [...]

The ad lauds the senators for believing "the American people should decide" on Scalia's successor.

[contextly_sidebar id="9fp9dNtAI3rgHXQybn1lI1CN6LGtUV7q"]Here is one version of the ad, for Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, who has taken at least half a dozen positions already on whether he should or should not or maybe yeah OK should or DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT perform his most perfunctory duty, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, by convening confirmation hearings once Obama names a nominee. We hear he woke up on the "no hearings" side of the bed this morning but might have changed his mind again after gumming some dead deer for lunch.

It's we the people. Sometimes politicians forget that. The Supreme Court has a vacancy, and your vote in November is your only voice. [...] The American people should decide. This isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's about your voice. You choose the next president. The next president chooses the next justice.

Mmmhmm. Except the Constitution simply says "the president," not "the next president, obviously not this president, duh, we frigging hate this president" appoints Supreme Court justices. If only the founders had known we'd one day have a black president, they probably would have clarified. Alas.

[contextly_sidebar id="1QKkYkI1Wz6qx8tM6wvRnpvaKCXkOBvB"]The conservative group that claims to be "dedicated to strengthening liberty and justice in America" is planning to run ads on your T-Vision and your radio and your fax machines to help you understand that YOU, not President You Know Who, gets to pick the next Justice Scalia, by picking a different president than the one you already picked (TWICE!!!) in the November election to then pick the next Justice Scalia.

[contextly_sidebar id="L4MQ66oTRxHtqD6fFELCFtr2soRfFQFr"]It's a real public service, in the furtherance of "liberty and justice," to provide voters the contact information of their senators who might coincidentally be up for re-election this year and might be wavering on whether to cave to Obama's executive tyranny by advice-and-consenting to his eventual nominee, even though he's not the next president. What a win for small-d democracy, huh? We hope there aren't too many sad faces across America in November when they get to the polls and see "Justice Scalia's rotting corpse" isn't even on the ballot.

[USA Today / Judicial Crisis Network]


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