Renowned Sociologist John Rocker Has Genius Plan To Solve Violence In Chicago (Moar Gunz, Less Blacks)

Renowned Sociologist John Rocker Has Genius Plan To Solve Violence In Chicago (Moar Gunz, Less Blacks)

John Rocker, a famous racist person whose steroid use 15 years ago propelled him temporarily into Major League Baseball, has opinions and stuff. Like many dense white people who lost their only job to more talented foreign individuals, Rocker has found solace in the sewage treatment plant of the web that is World Net Daily. As a columnist, Rocker is interested in a diverse array of subjects about how diversity is destroying American society. Oh and he is really concerned with guns, especially the fact that deserving people (i.e. those who have at least one cousin named 'Cooter)aren't able to arm themselves as heavily as a platoon in Afghanistan.

Rocker's latest piece is a sequel of sorts, having spent January stepping on the giant rake that is a Holocaust metaphor in defending Alex Jones. In his newest piece of analysis, Rocker explores the difference in the number of deaths of schoolchildren in Chicago and US Serviceman in Afghanistan and comes to the expected brilliant conclusion that the stupid kids aren't packing enough heat:

Think about this for a second: Since the start of 2013, there have been 53 murders in Chicago; in Afghanistan, where Operation Enduring Freedom is entering its 13th year, only three members of the U.S. military have been killed in the same timeframe.

While members of the military fight for your freedoms abroad, the citizens of Chicago – President Barack Obama’s Chicago – are busy engaging in violence that threatens your freedoms here.

Specifically, the Second Amendment. In fact, it isn’t foreign threats or armies that endanger your constitutional right to bear arms, but it is the domestic threat of gun violence, gangs and thugs that represents the Trojan horse leading to the disarming of the law-abiding.

Think about this: 193 citizens of Chicago have been shot in 2013, largely by people in the city harnessing illegally obtained firearms. Worse, Gary McCarthy, the police superintendent of Chicago, has just made himself known as a domestic enemy of the Second Amendment....

This is the same police chief who threatened to shoot concealed carry (CCW) holders in Chicago when the unconstitutional ban on CCW is lifted in the city

This is pretty standard derp for the steel phallus crowd, but Rocker isn't going to waste anytime with the pretense of talking around white paranoia. No he's gonna dive right into that crazy shit and explicitly state that the problem of gun violence rests entirety with blah people:

WND has reported that an overwhelming amount of the violence gripping Chicago is situated in black-majority neighborhoods of the city, with black-on-black crime responsible for more than 75 percent of the murders since 2003.

The shooting death of [Hadiya] Pendleton was no different, with two black gang members being charged with her slaying.

And apparently Rocker doesn't have a Google news alert set for "stand your ground" or "George Zimmerman":

Have you ever heard of an individual carrying a CCW license walking around looking for trouble? Why would the police chief of a city threaten to shoot lawful holders of a state-issued licenses who merely carry a gun to defend themselves from the very people who are responsible for making Chicago a greater war zone than Afghanistan?

So why should we listen to what spills out of the comically inflated head of this failed racist relief pitcher? Rocker might be in minute 28 of his 15 minutes of fame and reduced to selling "SPEAK ENGLISH" t-shirts to pay for his horse tranquilizers, but he also has indadvertedly face-planted into the solution for this mess. Chicago will only become as safe as Afghanistan (for the right people) if Chicago BECOMES Afghanistan. But just how can we facilitate this glorious metamorphosis? Well the last 12 years provide us with plenty of good ideas of how to make this happen:

  1. Provide arms the civic leaders who have experience in maintaining security. Afghanistan would not be the joyous theme park of happiness that it is today if not for the patchwork of warlords maintaining local control over most of the country. If we simply re-brand Chicago's malignant gangs as independent security contractors we can go back to ignoring the violence as simply a byproduct of the marketplace.
  2. Creating a local and sustainable job training program. Afghanistan has shown the world that an entire country can indeed be more or less dependent on one illegal agricultural crop through its thriving Warlord-controlled poppy cultivation. Once we provide Chicago's gangs with political power and money we can sit back and let some sweet patronage trickle down to those few civilians who survive childhood.
  3. Occupy the troublesome neighborhoods- for freedom. It was not a racist oversight on Rocker's part when he only counts the deaths of US soldiers when stating generally that Afghanistan is "safer" than Chicago. Those soldiers are the only people anyone should worry about. Likewise Chicago's Police Department has more or less been spared from the orgasm of violence affecting some parts of the city, having last lost an officer on duty in 2011, so they must be doing something right. The lesson here is that freedom must be maintained by strengthening security around those places plagued by violence as a matter of containment.

Perhaps we could place a few forward operating bases are around the South Side to make sure that the marauding blah's don't cross over into neighborhoods that matter (just like what our soldiers do for the nice areas of Kabul).

C'mon American, let's go the full Rocker on this one. For freedom!



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