Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Declares Victory Over Obamacare Fans, Goes Home

Last week, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington) decided it might be a neat idea to stop playing Farmville for a second and update her FacePlace status, with that dumb looking graph above, just asking hey, everyone, how did Obamacare ruin your life and kill your grandmother? Of course, those stories are hard to come by, except for in Republican fever dreams that probably also include buttsechs. To everyone's surprise (not really), what happened instead was that people got in the comments section and told all their nice stories about "I have insurance for the first time in my life!" and "Obamacare saved my Nana!" -- all liberal lies of course. Well, McMorris Rodgers has an EXPLANATION for what happened. All the nice things people said were about parts of the bill that EVERYONE loves, even Republicans:

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McMorris Rodgers said Monday that many of the success stories seemed to be centered on reforms that both parties agreed on, rather than her concerns with the health care package.

“The stories are largely around pre-existing conditions and those that are getting health insurance up to age 26,” she said. “That’s broad, bipartisan support for those provisions.”

Oh god, our bullshit meter just exploded, BRB gotta get a broom to sweep up the mess. In case you are curious, does the congresswoman bipartisan-ly love the pre-existing conditions thing and the age 26 thing so much that she's willing to fight her Republican colleagues to at least keep those parts around?

The congresswoman has voted multiple times to repeal the health care law in its entirety, most recently in February on a resolution offered by Alabama Republican Bradley Byrne that would eliminate all aspects of the law, including the pre-existing condition and age 26 provisions. The resolution has not been put to a vote by the Senate.

Oh. Lying assclown.

Wonkette's original post on the subject featured nice Facebook screengrabs of typical comments, which were of course paid for by Saul Alinsky's demon ghost. In fact, and contrary to what McMorris Rodgers said, they were not just about things that even Republicans love, even though Republicans have voted to Repeal And Replace the entire law approximately 819 times since last Tuesday. Here is just one example!

Gosh, that looks like ... well, it looks like a bunch of different people with different issues. Some couldn't afford any healthcare at all before  -- could it be the subsidies that maybe are helping? -- and others were paying out the nose for equal or inferior coverage to what they now have. And yes, many people are very happy about the preexisting conditions thing! Who wouldn't be? (Even Republicans, when they don't have cameras on them.) Could it be that there are many, many reasons why people love Obamacare, even though it is not perfect and also a socialist trick to round us all up and send us to death camps? We want even MORE Obamacare!

Paul Krugman explained in a column on "Imaginary Health Care Horrors" (which used the original Wonk post as a source, MUST CREDIT WONKETTE!) why politicians like McMorris Rodgers have such a hard time finding people with nightmare Obamacare stories. They kind of sort of don't exist:

In reality, the only people hurt by health reform are Americans with very high incomes, who have seen their taxes go up, and a relatively small number of people who have seen their premiums rise because they’re young and healthy (so insurers previously saw them as good risks) and affluent (so they don’t qualify for subsidies). Neither group supplies suitable victims for attack ads.

In short, when it comes to the facts, the attack on health reform has come up empty-handed.

That's too bad! This must also be why the wingnut groups who cooked up Burwell v. King, the latest pending Supreme Court case to attempt to kill Obamacare dead forever, had such a hard time finding any good plaintiffs, and instead seem to have picked WorldNetDaily commenters at random.

But keep trying, Rep. McMorris Rodgers! We're sure you can find somebody else to completely lie when they testify that Obama's Death Panel/Forced Abortion/Muslim Brotherhood plot to give people "healthcare" absolutely ruined their entire life forever. We'll be over here, awaiting that Facebook post with bated breath.

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