Rep. Chris Smith: Fetuses 'Most Persecuted Minority In the World'


The real abortion 'business.'The House passed the No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act yesterday evening by a 251-175 vote. This has no chance of becoming law, but considering Republicans have promised to make abortion illegal since Roe v. Wade was decided 40 years ago, it's not like they've really ever planned on banning it. If they did ban it, where would they get all those single-issue voters and campaign cash they depend on? People who hate gays? Those folks are dying off pretty quickly. Bill sponsor Rep. Chris Smith, the guy who originally stuck something into this bill that would define for women the "correct" way to have been raped if they hoped to get an abortion, said on the House floor that "some of our politicians, while they talked about human rights, never lifted a finger to protect the most persecuted minority in the world: the child in the womb." Of course.

Because if there's one person who knows which minority group is persecuted the most, it's a rich white male Republican politician. The line comes at the end of his remarks:

Let's skip trying to find out who wins the contest for "world's most persecuted" for a second, despite the glaring contenders for that prize, and decide if fetuses are persecuted at all. Well, what are fetuses? They are tiny little beings that lounge around all day doing absolutely nothing while they leech all their nutrients off their host human. A fetus doesn't even feed itself, much less get off its ass and get a job. Sure, it doesn't have the right to vote, but neither do children or teenagers, and at least most of them have the decency not to roll around in their own waste for months on end.

Even when Republican legislators try to force fetuses to testify about their "plight," the fetuses refuse to cooperate. When was the last time fetuses held a protest march? They've "endured" their plum position for millennia without complaint.

But you'd better watch out, fetuses: if conservatives start to treat you the way they treat other minorities, you're in big trouble. [Raw Story]


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