Rep. Ted Lieu Offers Caitlyn Jenner Remedial ‘How To Government’ Lessons

Rep. Ted Lieu Offers Caitlyn Jenner Remedial ‘How To Government’ Lessons

Reality TV participant Caitlyn Jenner has launched a bid to replace Gavin Newsom as governor of California, a state with the world's fifth largest economy. The Republican kicked things off this weekend with a public demonstration of how little she knows about the job.

Jenner blasted Newsom on Twitter as soft on crime (admittedly an obvious GOP tactic).


She tweeted:

"This is horrible and also avoidable. Gavin's District Attorneys across California are releasing dangerous criminals back on to our streets. Enough is enough. #RecallGavin"

So, a few things:

Jenner was responding to an article from San Francisco Chronicle columnist Heather Knight about San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a Democrat. Domestic violence victim advocates aren't thrilled with his record. They might have legitimate complaints, but Jenner seems to think Boudin works for Newsom. Voters in their respective districts elect DAs who operate independently of the governor. The average "Law & Order" viewer knows this. There are also 58 district attorneys in California, and Knight's article calls out one of them. “Gavin's District Attorneys" aren't releasing dangerous criminals across the state. Republicans talk about California as if the state is just Los Angeles and San Francisco, but if that were true Jenner really shouldn't waste her time and ours with this vanity recall campaign.

Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu efficiently called out Jenner as an idiot. You should follow Lieu. He's awesome.

"Dear @Caitlyn_Jenner: District Attorneys are elected by voters, not appointed by Gov @GavinNewsom. Also, do you know how a bill becomes a law? Here is a cool Schoolhouse Rock video for you to educate yourself. Do you know what 'veto' means? Or 'budget'?"

Now, Jenner should've just logged off Twitter and watched the "Schoolhouse Rock" video, which would prepare her more for this campaign than whatever service Brad Parscale's providing. Instead, she complained that Lieu was “condescending" and hurt her feelings.

"Ted, that kind of condescending tone is whats wrong w/ politics. Of course I know DAs are elected, but as the CEO of the state, the buck stops with Newsom."

No, the buck doesn't stop with Newsom. There's no metaphorical money involved here. The voters pick the district attorneys, and the governor can't just order them around. Newsom also isn't a “CEO." He's a governor. CEOs can't fire DAs, either.

Jenner added:

"If you want to defend the status quo then fine, but if you want to talk solutions to the crime in our streets, call anytime."

Lieu is probably content to simply drag Jenner on Twitter. He doesn't need to trade digits with her. Facts are anathema to Republicans, but according to the Public Policy Institute of California, overall crime rates in the state remain historically low, even after a slight rise during the pandemic. It's not Dirty Harry over there. There's also already an existing effort to recall Boudin as San Francisco DA. Jenner should know this, as she's trying to do the same thing to Newsom.

Jenner shouldn't complain about anyone's “condescending tone" when she refers to the California governor and a congressman by their first names. As "Law & Order's" Ben Stone once said: "[I]n polite society ... you don't call people by their first name unless they ask you to. I didn't do that. You're not a friend, and you're certainly not a colleague."

Lieu doesn't consider Jenner a friend or colleague and refused to suffer her gladly.

"Dear @Caitlyn_Jenner: Actually, I don't think you realized DAs are elected. If you did, you would not have made your condescending statement about DAs. District Attorneys are not beholden to the California Governor. For example, the Orange County DA happens to be a Republican."

Newsom is in good position to survive a recall. His approval rating is roughly unchanged from prior to the pandemic. His fate likely depends on Californians' satisfaction with the state's COVID response — how quickly schools and businesses have reopened. However, if voters are unhappy in the fall, they probably won't think a rich celebrity is the solution to their problems. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden beat that other rich dummy by about 30 points in California.

Caitlyn Jenner is like the entitled rich idiot who just joined a nonprofit board. They never accept that they don't know what they're talking about and aren't interested in learning.

If she won't go away, at least we can enjoy Lieu dunking on her.

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