Republicans, Helpfully: Where Should We Commit Next Trafficking Crime?

Republicans, Helpfully: Where Should We Commit Next Trafficking Crime?

Even by the low — some might say subterranean — standards of political fundraising emails in the era of Donald Trump, this puppy from the National Republican Senatorial Committee that hit inboxes on Friday still managed to stand out:

"Dear Sir, where would you like us to traffick desperate human beings across state lines in likely violation of federal law next? Tell us in this fun interactive poll! The Black president's house? You remember that guy. We hate him. Or how about the liberal hellhole of a city with the feces-inundated streets and all the homos? Nancy Pelosi's from there, you know!"

Let us just run the rest of it through the old wingnut fisking device. (All bolding the NRSC's.)

Republican governors like Greg Abbott from Texas and Ron DeSantis from Florida showed coastal elite millionaires in Martha's Vineyard what life is like on our southern border--

No, they very much did not. As has been noted ad infinitum, Martha's Vineyard has thousands of working and middle-class residents who live there year-round and make their livings catering to the millionaires and tourists who flood the island every summer. Those are the people who immediately supplied these migrants with food and temporary shelter until they could be moved to the mainland, where there are actual support services available to them. Martha's Vineyard does not have such support services because it's a friggin' island geared towards tourism that even the hardiest boatlift from Cuba or Haiti couldn't get anywhere near.

What Republicans are mad about is geography. Can't help you there, folks!

--and they WERE NOT HAPPY.

With you. The non-millionaires of Martha's Vineyard were not happy with you for using the migrants in your cheap stunt.

BIden's border crisis is only getting worse--and he REFUSES to do anything about it. DEADLY drugs, like fentanyl, are flowing into our country UNCHECKED--

One of our favorite tropes these days is when the government seizes some huge fentanyl shipment on its way into the US, and conservative politicians immediately take to Twitter to complain that Biden is failing to secure the border. The border is so insecure, as we can tell by all the drugs the federal government keeps stopping from crossing it!

Turnabout being fair play, yr Wonkette proposes dropping DeSantis and Abbott on an island somewhere. Maybe the island from "Lost" or the one in that Stephen King story about the castaway stranded with no food who started eating his own feet.


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