The Washington Post ran one of those op-eds I hate. You know the one because we're so close: A Republican who hates Donald Trump "advises" Democrats on who we should nominate to beat him in November. This strikes me as odd because Republicans couldn't stop Trump when they had the chance. They were the only ones voting and he wound up their nominee. More people already voted for a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, over Trump, but that didn't matter because US democracy is goofy. However, there are encouraging signs in the polls that we can beat the freshly impeached Trump in the Electoral College. I think we're OK, even with our crazy socialist candidates. Republicans set their own house on fire. They can crash at our place for a while, but we don't need to listen to their interior design tips.

But, fine, whatever. Let's hear what this Republican has to say. I'm sure it won't annoy me at all.

Oh, FFS!The Washington Post

This headline is terrible. It presumes there's a scenario where the author, Sheila Bair, couldn't vote for whatever random collection of DNA and a flag pin Democrats choose to run against Trump. She has nothing to worry about. There's no need for Sturm und Drang or non-German freakouts. Every candidate who isn't Tulsi Gabbard is better than Donald Trump. Yes, I know that Marianne Williamson exists, but at worst, she's just what conservatives hoped from Trump: a commander in chief who's dumb as a post, as useful as a sack of wet hair, but capable of signing their desired legislation and doing whatever their sane, competent advisers tell them.

Bair's first line pisses me off even more: "Over the past 40 years — about as long as I've been of age to vote — the country has seen a downward spiral in the qualifications of the individuals we have elected as president." It's insulting and inaccurate. Constitutional law professor, author, and senator Barack Obama was crazy qualified. Oxford-educated Rhodes Scholar, Arkansas attorney general and governor Bill Clinton was brilliant at almost everything but marital fidelity. Maybe Bair is dragging George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, but Democrats didn't nominate them.

I don't disagree with Bair about Pete Buttigieg's "thin resume," but there are other more qualified options running in the primary. Yet, if Buttigieg were to win the nomination, he's still incredibly better than Trump. There's no doubt that Trump is a disaster, to loosely quote Dickens. This must be distinctly understood. Bair describes herself as a "Republican who has never voted for a Democrat in a general election." This makes her judgment suspect, especially considering the clear choice provided in 2016.

BAIR: I regret to admit that I also voted negative in 2016, casting a protest vote for the Libertarian Party ticket because I didn't think Clinton or Trump was really committed to change. I would prefer not to do so again.

Who does Bair think she is making "protest votes" like a common Susan Sarandon? She'd "prefer not to" vote for some Libertarian hack again, as long as Democrats nominate the best person ever, one who can "convince" her that they are "really committed to change." Someone pass the bong.

BAIR: Democrats need to decide whether they just want to beat Trump or whether they want a credible candidate who has the vision, commitment and proven skills to truly reform our government. They have plenty of experienced candidates to choose from. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren stand out as two candidates with strong records of public achievement.

I don't disagree with her point here. I've made similar ones, but then she went and spoiled it all by saying something stupid like this:

BAIR: Please give me someone to vote for.

As the great American thinker Joan River put it best, "Oh grow up!" Defeating Trump in November is of paramount importance. It's every decent citizen's duty so that we can all remain citizens. You don't need to fall in love to cast a ballot.

[Washington Post]

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