Republicans Do Not Care For 9/11 Welfare Queens (First Responders)

Republicans Do Not Care For 9/11 Welfare Queens (First Responders)
  • Senate Republicans crashed their filibuster airplanes into legislation that would "monitor and treat first responders and emergency workers who suffered illnesses related to 9/11," causing the bill to collapse into its own footprint, never forget. So next time you see a firetruck with a Made in China American flag waving so proudly with 9/11 remembrance, can you please inform the firemen that their government hates the living shit out of them? And next time you hear Janet Napolitano moan "United We Stand" on the Walmart teevee, can you maybe throw that teevee out the window (ha ha, there are no windows in Walmart, because it is a Diabetes Prison)? Hooray for phony patriotism, and endless war. [CNN/The Hill]
  • The FBI is begging the National Academy of Sciences to "delay" the release of a "review of the bureau's highly controversial, seven-year investigation into the deadly 2001 anthrax mail attacks." And by "delay" they obviously mean "significantly alter the review's findings, because they are embarrassing." [McClatchy]

  • Worldwide Corruption has increased over the last three years. A quarter of the people surveyed by Berlin-based Transparency International admitted "paying a bribe to an institution or for services from health to education to tax authorities in the last year." [Bloomberg]


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