Republicans Invite Hate-Group Leader To Whine To Congress About Persecution, Starting, Like, Now!

Republicans Invite Hate-Group Leader To Whine To Congress About Persecution, Starting, Like, Now!

You’ve probably heard by now how all those Rainbow Shirt Enforcer Squads™ are coming straight from the Castro to cram buttsechs down Middle America’s throat. You have also probably heard that this country’s ever-increasing tolerance for The Gay is actually an Affront to Liberty, and more importantly the rights of Not Gays to discriminate against their sodomite compatriots, as Jesus and Thomas Jefferson intended. These are all existentially true statements, of course, and we should all be cognizant of the FACT that white fundamentalist Christians are the Real Oppressed Minorities, what with having to bake wedding cakes for homogay couples and maybe having to share a bathroom with a Not-Female who is no doubt only trannying to facilitate a legitimate rape.

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Thus, you will be happy to know that the United States Senate is ON IT.

The Family Research Council announced today that its president, Tony Perkins, has been invited to testify at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing tomorrow on “protecting religious freedom abroad.”

Perkins’ Family Research Council, you may recall, has been designated a hate group by the God-haters at the Southern Poverty Law Center, as “its real specialty is defaming gays and lesbians. The FRC often makes false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science.”

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False claims and junk science: of course the Republicans want him to provide expert testimony. That’s their thing!

Perkins has also turned the Christianist tendency toward martyrdom into something of a cottage industry. He argues that America’s gay love affair with The Gay is somehow leading to worldwide persecution of Christians by The Gay Mafia, which is a real thing that exists and will force pastors to blow every man in cutoff denim shorts they see, that’s the law now.

And, even as he accuses the Obama administration of ignoring the plight of Christians, Perkins has attacked international human rights efforts aimed at combating violence against and government oppression of LGBT people.

Perkins routinely trots out the claim that conservative Christians are being persecuted in America to blame the Obama administration and the LGBT rights movement for very real anti-Christian persecution throughout the world. In an interview with Rick Santorum in November, Perkins insisted that there is a “correlation” between the supposed persecution of Christians in America and violent attacks on Christians and churches in the Middle East and elsewhere. “They feel like if it’s not a priority for us to have religious freedom here at home, then certainly it’s not going to be a priority for us to speak out for the persecuted peoples abroad,” he said.

As Yr Wonkette does not believe in Freedom, we will not be linking to the Family Research Council’s statement on the matter, because hate groups do not deserve your clicks. But this is what Perkins, who is A Genius, had to say about his big invite:

“Religious freedom is a fundamental, inherent, and international human right. It is not merely an American right — though religious freedom was foundational to the very existence of the United States. Additionally, standing for religious liberty should be a vital component of American foreign policy. Defending those whose right to practice their faith is penalized or jeopardized wins our country friends among people throughout the developing world and thus enhances the security of our nation,” concluded Perkins.

Yes: the right to execute gays in Uganda makes America safer, QED motherfuckers. (Perkins, naturally, not so long ago praised the Ugandan president for trying to rid his land of The Gay Scourge.)

He sounds like an expert in his field, no doubt.

The hearing starts at 2 p.m., if you’re into that sort of thing.

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