Republicans So Mad At Barack Obama For Saying Muslims Are Human Beings, As If!


There goes Barry Barack Hussein The Muslim Obama again, showing everybody what a Muslim-loving Muslim from Muslimistan he is! If you were born on a turnip truck five minutes from now, you probably don't know how Obama destroyed American freedom on Wednesday, by speaking at a mosque and actually saying Muslim Americans are good Americans and deserve to be treated with dignity. Where does he even get off?

Explain us the problem with this, Marco Rubio:

“I’m tired of being divided against each other for political reasons like this president’s done," Rubio said. "Always pitting people against each other. Always.”

“Look at today – he gave a speech at a mosque,” Rubio continued. “Oh, you know, basically implying that America is discriminating against Muslims."


"We can disagree on things, right? I’m a Dolphin fan, you’re a Patriot fan."

[contextly_sidebar id="P0rUJ99pU5LbdXlkM8CHAGkKOXmNv4C3"]Exactly, Mr. Rubio! Some people say tomato, some people say to-mah-toe, and there are some people out there who think the Paris terrorist attacks were "a positive development," because they're forcing Americans to realize they should be soiling their diapers at all times about Muslims and ISIS and stuff? By the way the "some people" who think that are all named "Marco Rubio."

Tell Greta Van Susteren on the Fox News why it's so bad how President Islamic Pants said nice things to Muslims, Donald Trump:

"I don't have much thought, I think that we can go to lots of places. Right now, I don't know if he's -- maybe he feels comfortable there," Trump said. "We have a lot of problems in this country, Greta, there are a lot of places he can go, and he chose a mosque. I saw that just a little while ago, and so that's his decision, that's fine."

HAHAHAHA GET IT? Obama feels "comfortable there" because WINK WINK he is a NUDGE NUDGE foreign-born Allah-lover from Kenya, who probably doesn't even HAVE a birth certificate. Hey, remember that time Donald Trump launched an investigation into Obama's REAL birth certificate, and then Obama released it, and Trump took credit, even though it probably wasn't even a real birth certificate anyway? Oh, and remember how Trump wants to deport all the Muslims, even if they are American citizens? Good times.

We sure can't imagine why the president felt the need to address American Muslims and reassure them that they're good Americans, no siree.

For the record, here is some of the truly awful stuff Obama said to those gathered at the Islamic Society Of Baltimore:

"Let me say as clearly as I can as president of the United States: you fit right here," Obama told the audience at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, a 47-year-old mosque with thousands of attendees. "You're right where you belong. You're part of America too. You're not Muslim or American. You're Muslim and American." [...]

"We can't be bystanders to bigotry," Obama said. "Together, we've got to show that America truly protects all faiths. As we protect our country from terrorism, we should not reinforce the ideas and the rhetoric of the terrorists themselves."

[contextly_sidebar id="xN6eO902xcbAN6z8g8VqPyuKxsrRkhZQ"]How controversial! Treating humans as humans and not acting like every Muslim who was ever born is a card-carrying member of the ISIS Qaeda Jihad Of The Month club. This is just very un-patriotic behavior, according to the GOP, which knows that pants-shitting hysteria over Muslims is part of the very fabric of American life.

Anyway, fuck these GOP trolls running for president. To cleanse our palates from all that pig ignorant bigotry, let us now turn to ... wingnut radio host Hugh Hewitt, who actually said a nice-nice for once?

Hewitt even said more than that, to Jeb Bush!

He gave a very good speech … one that argued for religious tolerance, reminded people of various persecutions of religious minorities in our history, reminded them of our Muslim allies around the world. I don’t give him compliments very often, but he did a very good job today.

And then Jeb told Hewitt that it's very good what Obama did, but he doesn't understand why it took Obama so long to openly embrace the Muslims, when his brother George W. Bush was ALWAYS a sweetheart to the Islamics, yep, you betcha, that's how we remember it, eat a dick, Jeb.

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