Tennessee Republicans Solve Pressing Problem Of Muslim No-Go Zones. In Tennessee.

Tennessee Republicans Solve Pressing Problem Of Muslim No-Go Zones. In Tennessee.

A Tennessee representative has introduced a bill to outlaw those Muslimy "no-go zones," which you may remember are not actually real. Of course that doesn't much matter, because never let reality get in the way of a good dog whistle.

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The bill was introduced by state Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Fox News), and defines a no-go zone as:

...a contiguous geographical area consisting of public space or privately owned public space where community organizing efforts systematically intimidate or exclude the general public or public workers from entering or being present within the area.

That certainly is a specific description of a thing that even Lynn admits she has never experienced anywhere, ever. But before you get your liberal panties in a twist, know that state Rep. Lynn does not want to use the bill as a transparently evil tactic to intimidate Muslims. That would just be silly. She only wants to pass it so that certain people -- whatever religion, race, or religion they may be -- won't be able to intimidate good Christian white folks from entering their communities.

[Lynn] argues her bill doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Muslims. She said banning such zones will combat systemic problems and protect commerce.

"You might find it with gang activity, you might find it with organized crime, and of course we have heard that there were some places where it is happening with certain religious groups," Lynn said.

You might also find it with overwhelmingly white middle-class suburbs like the one Lynn represents, but she seems not to have considered that little detail, probably because white people are never terrorists.

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Lynn argued that the bill was necessary for her state because "some believe" such places exist. The bill's co-sponsor, state Sen. Bill Ketron, is one such some, claiming that he experienced the no-go zones when he visited the obscure region of "Europe." His claims have to be real, because he said they were real, which totally makes them real QED. Why would anyone doubt the motivations of this guy? He was one of the few state senators brave enough to fight the Sharia scourge of floor-mounted mop sinks.

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Now lest you libruls down in Wonkette's non-existent comment section go on accusing these two fine legislators of being kinda racist against the Ay-rabs, just take a gander at this quote and see if'n it don't shut you up but good.

There are already laws that prevent gangs, or anyone else, from harassing people in public spaces. Lynn argued those laws might help prevent one-time events, but they're no use for "a systemic" problem. She said the federal government intervening to force public universities to allow black students to attend during the Civil Rights era is "really the same sort of thing."

White people feeling kinda nervous in the browner parts of town is really the same sort of thing as systemic institutionalized racism at our nation's foremost centers of learning. Thank you, state Rep. Susan Lynn, for whitesplaining to us exactly what you understand about the Civil Rights Movement. And thank you for continuing Tennessee's unbroken track record as the most embarrassing place to live in America.

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If only the whole state were a no-go zone so your correspondent could find a way out.

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