Rich Gay Republicans Very Sorry For Not Knowing Ted Cruz Is An A-Hole

Last week we learned that while Ted Cruz is very No Homo, he's quite curious about experimenting with gay bucks. Which is why he attended a Manhattan soirée hosted by (in)famous hotelier businessgays Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass, to mention that some of his best donors are gay and also, he would love his daughters even if they turned out to be lesbians (although whether he'd attend their lesbian weddings is still in question).

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Cruz later assured his fellow bigot supporters they shouldn't worry, he is still very much No Homo, even if he did spend an intimate evening sucking up to a couple of them. Hey, he was young, he needed the money. As for the owners of the Fire Island Pines Establishments and Out NYC Hotel, they immediately earned themselves a boycott from LGBT activists who do not take kindly to those who would consider supporting politicians who don't think the Constitution applies to them. With a number of groups -- including the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, Broadway Bares, and the Urban Bear annual dance party -- canceling or threatening to move their events, both Reisner and Weiderpass have now apologized for fraternizing with the enemy.

Bummer these guys didn't spend 17 seconds on the internet, finding out just how much Ted Cruz hates the idea of them having rights, even if he loves the idea of them giving him their fabulous moneys. That's probably a mistake no rich gay Republicans will make again. And while those on the right would, in a different set of heterosexual circumstances, insist these two dudes were oppressed into apologizing and renouncing Cruz's vomitous hate-words by the gaystapo, we doubt they'll be raising money for Messrs. Reisner and Weiderpass on GoFundMe anytime soon. Not just because they are already filthy rich and don't need the help, but also because, unless we're wrong and we are definitely not, the conservative concern for Freedom! does not apply to gay homosexuals, even if they are Republican and have been literally Holocausted by their own community.

[The Advocate]


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