Rich GOP Entertainer Urges Seniors To Accept Destruction of Medicare

Rich GOP Entertainer Urges Seniors To Accept Destruction of Medicare

About 55 years ago, American kids who weren't allowed to buy "race records" by the likes of Chuck Berry or Fats Domino were helpfully directed by white shopkeepers to safe, white versions of the popular songs by a very white pop singer named Pat Boone. He wasn't some colored hoodlum with the greasy hair and the sex ideas! No, he was just a clean-cut college boy, and the college was probably Bob Jones University or Liberty University or whatever the middle-1950s version of those places might've been ... and from history we know that actually the entirety of America was like those places, so anyway ... sorry, we've lost our point and can't do these ginormous Wonkette sentences quite so effortlessly as some of our predecessors. Back to the TXT version with ADHD: Wealthy old white nostalgic entertainer Pat Boone says go ahead and kill Medicare, because he is rich and doesn't need it.

Does Pat Boone have a "base" that follows his right-wing advice? We have to admit we first heard of Pat Boone right here on Wonkette. And ... gross much? A birther whose name would only ring a happy bell with very old Americans who lived in sanitized homes free from the menace of black music like the Rock 'n Roll.

Pat Boone: America Needs Leadership Over Politics

"I'm going to lace up my white shoes and spread the news far and wide that this administration is trying to mislead and scare seniors."

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Pat Boone, national spokesperson for the 60 Plus Association, today issued the following statement in defense of Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare-saving reforms and those who support the proposed legislation:

"Harry Reid and his cohorts are not fooling seniors with the 'Medi- scare' tactics ....

And etc. "White shoes," well that's not a code for anything, we bet! Maybe this is a parody email? Do people send parody press releases, much?


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