Rich White Guy Tom DeLay Probably Won't Go To Prison

Rich White Guy Tom DeLay Probably Won't Go To Prison
  • Tom DeLay is back in court today for the "sentencing phase" of his trial. Although DeLay "faces up to life in prison on the money laundering charge and up to 20 years on the conspiracy charge," he is also "white" and "eligible for probation." And apparently many Experts believe he will receive probation. Haha, oh fuck. It would be simply beguiling if Tom DeLay spent even a week in prison, but God hates us so of course this won't happen. So yeah, just to recap: Tom DeLay is a corrupt public servant who laundered hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now he will probably have to volunteer at his local Humane Society. Meanwhile, some black guy somewhere is spending twenty years behind bars for not calling a police officer "sir." [AP]
  • Meth! It's everywhere. [AP]

  • The CIA considers climate change a serious threat to our national security -- but it's almost impossible to torture climate change in a secret Lithuanian rape prison so what are they supposed to do? [McClatchy]


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