Richard Mourdock Thanks Court For Striking Down Obamacare, Slams Court For Upholding It, Etc.


Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, that guy who ended Dick Lugar's liberal nuke-hating, being-polite-to-Obama political career, is now also "that guy" whose staffaccidentally posted all of his response YouTubes to an important event from the future. In this case, the Supreme Court health care decision. They show us how Republicans will respond to any and all decisions, and dare we say that the messages are fairly predictable! If the Court strikes it down, then it's "Obama's gonna try to pass it again, stop him"; If the Court upholds it, then it's "stupid Court, we'll show you what's what when we repeal this whole thing in January"; if the Court kicks a decision down the road, then it's "stupid Court, we'll show you what's what when we repeal this whole thing in January." There's also one for a "split decision," by which he seems to mean only certain parts are overturned. Oh crystal ball, which one of the Richard Mourdock YouTubes will prove to be the one, true Richard Mourdock YouTube, and which ones will be thrown in the trash like all those "Patriots beat Giants" souvenirs are the day after each Super Bowl?

Here's Mourdock sitting in the comedy club from the opening of each Seinfeld, responding to the Supreme Court's decision to declare a clearly unconstitutional law (that all Republicans supported versions of for 20 years) constitutional. "Well, the Supreme Court has done what none of us really thought could happen." He's right, actually, it would be quite rare for this Supreme Court to not randomly strike down something that liberals like:

Next: "We've had our brief moment of celebration," but don't forget that Obama will now push for "Obamacare 2.0," this time featuring whips and chains and Sharia and huggable black professors.

No answer? We'll give you an answer, answerless people!

The liberal Solomons on the Court only overturned part of the law. Can you believe it? They only bothered to ignore 70 years worth of Commerce Clause precedent instead of having the guts to throw the whole thing out for no reason beyond their personal amusement.

At least we now know that Richard Mourdock is a dimension-hopping space witch imbued with the Devil's Magick. He'd be right at home in the Senate.



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