Ron Paul Introduces 'Al Gore's Texas Cheerleader,' Rick Perry (VIDEO)

Ron Paul Introduces 'Al Gore's Texas Cheerleader,' Rick Perry (VIDEO)

According to sources within every other GOP candidate's campaign, Rick Perry is a liberal queer who loves Al Gore, Hillarycare, Hillary Clinton, Obamacare and federal welfare money handouts for the Texas wildfires he deliberately started, for the cause of Mexican socialism. So it's no surprise that the pothead hobbits who support Ron Paul are launching an INTERNET VIDEO WAR against the leftist Rick Perry. This is good news for ... China? Probably China. Let's watch the chilling video, together.

Ron Paul is going to Restore America's Greatness by shutting down America entirely, so that roving bands of coloreds can prey upon the obese teabaggers stalled in the HOV lanes on their Diesel Rascals, after the government subsidies for importing Arab Oil are stopped by Ron Paul. What would Rick Perry do, prancing down the New York fashion runway in his Village People shiny boots and '70s porn wig? Why, Rick Perry would probably make Al Gore the "Climate Czar" and start giving Cadillacs to welfare moms. (Are there still Cadillacs? Probably not.)

Anyway, enjoy the GOP candidates' debate! Fox News will somehow manage to "forget" that Ron Paul even attended the debate. And enjoy the MSNBC promise that the debate will actually be a "gang bang" with the other candidates engaged in frantic "Perry Pounding" until everyone is spent, the end. Thanks to Wonkette operative "Terry C." for the MSNBC screenshot.


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