Rick Perry Summons Menfolk Back To Finish The Job On Ladies' Health

Rick Perry Summons Menfolk Back To Finish The Job On Ladies' Health

Whew. June sure was an uppity pink-sneakered bitch, wasn't it? Thank Jeebus the "breakdown of decorum and decency," when women screamed for Gov. Rick Perry just like he likes, is all behind us now, so Ricky and the menfolk can get back to the business of banning the fuck out of abortion. For the women! And Texans! And ... uh ... we forgot the third thing!

No, but seriously, y'all, this time, Ricky and the other fellas are REALLY going to protect women's health by banning women's health because that's what "what the people of this state hired us to do," despite all polling to the contrary, which shows that actually, Texans would like Perry et al. to NOT DO THAT.

Plus, also, the governor watched this neato video 'bout Jesus and stuff.

See? It is in the Bible! Thou shalt not have 'bortions or kill, unless you are executing your 500th prisoner on death row, in which case, have at it, sayeth the Lord!

And now shit's gonna get SO real in Texas. While the legislature has its Very Special Session -- because it's an emergency! -- pretty much every woman in 'Merica is descending on the capitol to scream even louder so that Perry and the menfolk will know they can take their "breakdown of decorum and decency" and shove it.

If the ghost of Andrew Breitbart thought those ladies were hysterically screaming too loudly before -- why don't you dumb broads understand this is for your own good and will just make your bortions safer because you won't get to have any at all?!?! -- well, bad news, sorry, Breitbart ghost, but things are about to get a whole lot louder.

Now please enjoy BurntOrangeReport's pictures of some super pissed off people what do not want Texas Republicans all up in the ladyparts:

[Burnt Orange Report]


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