Rick Perry Will Freak The Crap Out of You With Zombie Movie Campaign Ad


Here is the new trailer for the nightmare horror film about Rick Perry becoming President! It is difficult to tell what is happening, because there are no shots in this trailer longer than .024 seconds and there is A LOT OF NOISE (seriously, turn down the volume if you are watching at work), but the takeaway plot synopsis we have gleaned has Perry removing the last few shards of humanity from America's depressed masses with the sharp edge of his boot heel only to replace them with zombie droids he shouts at while they anxiously carve chalk drawings of American flags into sidewalks between bouts of disease and slave labor, without complaining. 

Eh, that is more like our "artistic interpretation" of the true meaning of this video about nothing, since it is devoid of information in the way that very endless collections of low-grade stock video clips tend to be when they are combined with the MOAR CONTRAST and MOAR DESATURATION filters that Final Cut Pro designed for people who make self-produced music videos and movie trailer mash-ups on YouTube. People have to stay busy at 3 a.m., somehow!

Dave Weigel reports that this seizure-inducing ad is the work of the media dude that Perry just stole from Tim Pawlenty's old campaign, since Tim Pawlenty is already one of the zombies, which is how things work in Texas. [Dave Weigel]


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