Rick Scott Busy Sexing Floridians With Robocalls And Ethics Violations


Oh, don't we just love to pick on hairless dingus Rick Scott, because he is officiallyAmerica's most disliked governor, his constituents are constantly suing him for passing laws no one likes, he's kind of "eh" about keeping track of his filings to the Ethics Commission, and he's using state money to sexually harass Florida ears with creepy unsolicited robocalls talking about his accomplishments. That is sort of an "accomplishment" we guess, inventing the most annoying way on Earth of trying to reach constituents: calling them at home during dinner to deliver a taped lecture about all the laws he is passing to make their lives worse.

This also seems to be taking up so much of his time that neither he nor any of his staff have yet stopped to read the ethics rulebook. Journalists asked him why he hadn't bothered to follow laws requiring him to report corporate gifts of air travel, to which he heroically responded, "I don't know."

From Capitol News Service:

Under Florida law, Governor Rick Scott should have filed this form for the airplane trips he took in January, February, and March by June 30th with the Florida Commission on Ethics.

The Ethics Commission says they have nothing on file.

We asked the Governor Thursday about the failure to file the necessary gift report.

“I’d have to look into it.” Scott said. “I don’t know, I’ve got an accountant that does all that.”

Experts chalk up the failure to report the trips as a rookie mistake by a staff and legal team not familiar with the requirements of Florida law.

Perhaps Rick Scott mistook the ethics rulebook for a newspaper? Whatever, his accountant is in charge of reading the newspapers for him every day, and for most of Rick's tasks. Check with his accountant whenever you need something from now on, particularly if you don't like whatever it is that Rick is doing.

Aaaaand here are Florida's terrified residents wondering why governor Voldemort is calling them at home:

"I'm on a 'Do Not Call' list, I work out of my house, and I really don't need extra calls,'' said Odessa resident Kathy Winarski, a registered independent who was "a little frightened" the first time she picked up the phone and heard Scott's voice. "Why's he bothering me with this?"

Probably if you just mail in a few editorials explaining to everyone why Rick Scott is not such a bad guy, he can arrange for the phone calls to stop. [Capitol News Service/ St. Petersburg Times]

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