Rick Wiles Gonna Fight Brawny Leftist Coward Meta-Human Sissies Who Wanna Make Him Get COVID Shot

Conspiracy theories

We'd say End Times prophet wackjob idiot Rick Wiles was having a case of the long-term COVID brain fog, considering his recent bout with Chinese spies putting COVID in his butt regions, but we know that's just his brain.

He's real mad the fascist Biden government is trying to encourage reluctant people to get vaccinated, and trying to fight lies from wingnuts like Rick Wiles about COVID, even after his own vaccine-free status led him directly into the hospital.

And, uh, well, he talked about all those feelings he's having. He is not having good feelings. They are bad feelings. They are civil war feelings.

Transcript via Right Wing Watch, because they do the yeoman's work:

Wiles declared on Friday that if conservatives don't fight back, they will soon "end up in a concentration camp, and after that, you're going to end up in a grave."

"Let's stop being nice about these people," Wiles said. "These are not good people. They're not good people. They're evil, and they're wicked, and they want us dead."

We all know healthcare workers trying to help people not die from pandemics is a slippery slope to concentration camps and death. Trying to help them not die of pandemics is just a front, obviously.

"Let's meet at Gettysburg [and] get this over with," he added.

That is not going to be convenient for everyone, sir. Also who does he need to come to Gettysburg, specifically? Is it just an open invitation to all people who are part of the liberal conspiracy of believing in science?

"That bunch of sissified lefties would never come out and meet real men. Never. They're cowards. They're a bunch of cowards that never would come out and face real men. They'll never do it. They're nothing but stinking cowards. I'm fed up with putting up with their crap."

Wait, we thought leftists were literally about to put all the conservatives in concentration camps and then graves, because of how they are evil and wicked and want them dead. How are they also sissified lefties who would never come out and meet real men? How are the leftists both EEEEEEEEEEK SCREAMING PANTS-PISSING SCARY! and also stinking cowards? All of this is unclear.

"I'm a free man. I live in a free country," Wiles continued. "We ought to be ashamed that we're allowing these cowards to take our country. We don't want to be inconvenienced with putting down a communist revolution. It's here, and if the people don't do something very, very soon, you're going to end up in a concentration camp, and after that, you're going to end up in a grave."

And now we are back to the leftists having the combined powers of He-Man and Wonder Woman and Devil. But also sissies. Cowardly superhumanly strong sissified ninja terror strike force of shivering snowflakes, that's what they are! Errrr, we are!

Or something.

We'd say we hope Rick Wiles's brain gets the medical care it apparently needs, but he probably would refuse treatment.

[Right Wing Watch]

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