RNC Day Two: Some Business Went Down At The BuzzFeed Party, We Guess!

Wonkette Made America Great Again.

Oh hi from Cleveland, Wonkers! Tuesday at the RNC was a total Tuesday, by which we mean we were tied up half the day dealing with a weird thing that happened (we'll tell you this weekend or something) and didn't really get going until we were sitting at the hotel bar and ran into a nice pal from Fox News:

From there, we hit the big BuzzFeed "Red, White and Blacklisted" party, where all the liberals and other assorted mean journalists who ask actual questions of the Trump campaign were gathered. But something must have taken a darker turn in the eleven minutes we left to contemplate going down to Sad Banned Milo's homogays for Trump party. ("Should we go?" "Meh, Ann Coulter is probably bathing in a tub of cocaine and regret in the corner if she's even still there." "That could be cool!" "We should go back to the BuzzFeed party." "Pam Geller is wearing RAINBOW SEQUINS, though." "We should go back to the BuzzFeed party." That was those conversations.)

We rode back up the elevator -- with Andrea Mitchell, who was not getting hammered at BuzzFeed, just staying in the hotel -- and the second we walked in, THIS was happening:

BuzzFeed’s Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton was wrestled to the ground by security at his outlet’s own party at the Republican National Convention, a party with a theme celebrating blacklisted reporters. [...]

[F]ormer New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani ... created the most drama. Giuliani, drinking a scotch neat and smoking a cigar, was leaving the party with his giant entourage when Stanton tried to ask him a question.

According to several witnesses, security — which was heavy while Giuliani was around and included men in bulletproof vests — wrestled Stanton to the ground near the elevator banks. It’s not clear whether it was hotel security or Giuliani security who pulled Stanton down.

Yeah, it happened really fast, security was bitchy as hell, all the assorted blogging heads were like "whoa hey whoa hey," etc. We missed Giuliani entirely, and all we can report from that moment is that MSNBC's Chris Hayes, who was getting the fuck out of there the same time we were, is way taller and hotter in person than you'd ever imagine.

Afterward, we met some really nice guys who were wearing Make America Great Again hats, as a joke. They let me wear their Make America Great Again hat too, and we're pretty sure America is officially Great Again, on account of our hat-wearing.

Evan Hurst

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