RNC Dude Just Busting Obama Campaign Manager's Chops, Bro

RNC Dude Just Busting Obama Campaign Manager's Chops, Bro

Dude, working for the RNC is a sweet gig, but July is, like, super boring. Even the money people agree that the jobs report numbers, which ought to be good for some laughs on Barack Hussein, are lame. You gotta keep in the game somehow, though, and Twitter's a great way to have a little fun when it's slow at work while helping your guy Romney out. So why not just send Obama's campaign manager like four or five Tweets a day making fun of his lousy campaign and calling him "bro"? No hard feelings, bro, we'll go get a beer after the election.

Anyway, the important question is: what kind of facial hair does bro-tastic RNC Political Director Rick Wiley have? Find out after the jump!

Yes, Rick Wiley's chinbeard is 100% sweet. That screencap is from this video, which is mostly a bunch of lame math and numbers but if you want to get a whiff of his awesome native bro-dialect, just hit play and listen to him say "How y'all doing."

What about Rick's antagonist in this so-far one-sided Twitter war? Jim Messina's been taking the high road so far and not responding, but let's check out his Twitter pic and see if it sheds some light on this dynamic:

Look for things to escalate to Rick asking Jim "Why're you hitting yourself, bro?" by mid-August. [Endless brotweetery]


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