RNC Speaker Abby Johnson Knows If Cops Profile Own Black Son, He'll Have It Coming
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One of the Republican National Convention's featured speakers last night, Abby Johnson, is mostly known for her career as the former Planned Parenthood director who says she suddenly became an anti-choice activist when her evil bosses told her to "sell" more 'bortions and she saw, via ultrasound, a 13-week fetus recoil from getting aborted. She had a crappy movie made about her and everything! She told the story again at the RNC, because that's her job now, even though journalists have pointed out it doesn't really add up. Johnson pushed her story and a load of other lies about abortion, like the bullshit story that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to commit genocide against Black people. Which must be why Martin Luther King accepted an award from the organization, and considered family planning a means for Black families' economic success.

But Johnson also has thoughts about Black Lives and how much they Matter, because she has an adopted biracial baby. Vice News dug up a now-deleted YouTube video Johnson posted in late June, during the protests against police brutality, in which she explained that someday, when her "adorable, perpetually tan-looking little brown boy," now just five years old, becomes a big intimidating-looking brown man, it's really understandable that cops may racially profile him, because that's just smart policing.

Yes, really. Don't get all emotional about it, you liberals, she and her extravagant eyebrows explain, it's simply a matter of statistics.

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"I recognize that I'm gonna have to have a different conversation with Jude than I do with my brown-haired little Irish, very, very pale-skinned, white sons, as they grow up," she says, and if our headline and lede hadn't already given away the game, one might think she'd get into the complexities of being a white mom having to give "the talk" to her son.

But all of it's OK with her, because like George Clooney said in Up in the Air, stereotypes are real time savers. One day, her little cherub is going to grow up and he'll look like a scary Black man to a cop. That simply doesn't make Johnson angry, "because I look at statistics over emotion," don't you see?

Johnson 'splains that since there's a "disproportionately high number of African-American males in our prison population for crimes, particularly for violent crimes," thencops will have that in mind, so they kinda have no choice but to racially profile her precious baby, because

they're going to know that statistically my brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons.

So the fact that in his head, [a cop] would be more careful around my brown son than my white son, that doesn't actually make me angry. That makes that police officer smart, because of statistics.

Like any mom, Johnson loves her son. But that doesn't stop her from reducing him to an inaccurate statistic, just as a cop would. She's just got so much empathy for how the hypothetical future cop will see her actual flesh-and blood child.

And never mind that her cherished statistics are provable bullshit, that only about six percent of Black prison inmates are there for violent crimes. Maybe Johnson simply understands that cops are every bit as badly informed as she is, you libs ever think of that?

Johnson goes on to explain that while she's not angry about cops policing Black folks differently, she is angry about the reason for it. She has done some research on it! No, don't get any foolish notions that she may have read Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow or anything about structural racism or implicit bias. That would imply she read up on anything outside the rightwing bubble.

Instead, Johnson explains that all that criming by Black people is due to the fact that "70 percent" of Black fathers abandon their kids, another racial stereotype that Vice takes pains to debunk. Let's not go thinking facts could ever get Johnson, cops, or her party to give up seeing her precious little boy as a potential criminal.

Abby Johnson is quite simply not going to stop being wrong on the internet that easily, as CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson reminded us on the Twitters yesterday. Earlier this year, Johnson tweeted that she's a big fan of "household voting," in which each household, not each American, would get a vote. That way women couldn't cancel out their husbands' votes, you see. Just like how God wants America to work!

Shortly before her speech at the RNC, Johnson took to the Twitters to claim that "pro-aborts" are terrified of her, and would "dredge up" old tweets to disparage her, but she would bravely speak her truth no matter what. It truly was courageous of her to risk adulation by other rightwingers, including even the danger of being praised by Donald Trump.

Abby Johnson's racist weirdness about policing didn't get her booted from the RNC, but another scheduled speaker, Mary Ann Mendoza, was yanked from the lineup at the last minute yesterday after the Daily Beast reported on her fondness for pushing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Twitter.

Mendoza, whose son was killed in a 2014 auto accident in which the drunken driver was an undocumented immigrant, had been scheduled to advance Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. But someone in the campaign decided she was a poor choice to put forward as an "angel mom" after news outlets picked up the Daily Beast story. Mendoza had told her 40,000 odd followers, "Do yourself a favor and read this thread," linking to a sprawling, crazy thread (archived here, but warning: It's toxic) alleging that Jews plan to enslave the world. It combined bog standard nonsense about schemes to "make the goyim destroy each other" and "rob the goyim of their landed properties" with a load of QAnon crap. For instance, did you know that every president between JFK and Trump was actually a "slave president" doing the bidding of the Jewish puppetmasters? Also the Titanic was sunk to protect the Rothschilds. Very normal stuff!

After the Daily Beast story ran, Mendoza deleted her tweet and posted an apology, saying she was very very sorry "for not paying attention to the intent of the whole message." Understandable, since it starts out with a perfectly credible plot for world domination by "A Wealthy Goldsmith And Coin Dealer Named Mayer Amschel Bauer" and only explicitly brings in the Jews and the Masons later. Honestly, since it was Written With Lots of Weird Capital Letters, it may have looked like Any Other Message from the President.

That doesn't explain away Mendoza's very own Twitter posts about how George Soros and the "Rothchilds" are pushing immigration to cause violence and install a one-world government, or her literal retweets of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but maybe she doesn't know that's anti-Semitic, too.

Oddly, we haven't seen anyone on the Right holding up Mendoza's removal from the RNC lineup as an example of how Cancel Culture is out of control, the end.

[Vice News / Texas Monthly / Daily Beast]

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