Ron Paul Officially Running For President (of AMERICA!)


Doctor, baby, freedom, etc., etc., we get it, we all get it.Fire up the blimps, Paulites (Paulsters? new campaign, gonna need a new name for them)! Congressman Ron Paul is running for president of the United States once again, even though that is a job he will never have. It's been a long time since the weird, ponytailed little brothers of America's girlfriends emerged from their college dorm rooms to lead a mass movement of market nerds and Ayn Rand book clubs and contrarian, reserved Taco Bell employees to elect this man president, and it is time once again for them to rise up in the name of the gold standard. Ron Paul is reportedly going to announce tomorrow in Des Moines, so expect him to criticize ethanol and hear a lot of booing. Fun times!

Dave Weigel has the scoop:

At the same time, according to a source close to Paul, he will announced his Iowa leadership team, which will include three of the 19 members of the Iowa Republican Party's state central committee.

This will be Paul's third presidential bid, and his second as a Republican candidate. When I talked to Gary Johnson about his own presidential bid (when was the last time there were two libertarian candidates in a GOP presidential race?), he dismissed the idea that Paul would stop him from getting momentum

Because he didn't have any momentum? No! Because in a few months, everyone will be a libertarian, and there will no longer be such things as "liberals" or "conservatives," only weird guys sitting in the corner in leather jackets reading the minor works of Ayn Rand.

We. Can't. Wait.

(This is all so Ron Paul can get a good price on his house, right?) [Weigel]


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