Ron Paul Says He Wants A Revolution, Rand Paul Takes Money From People With Minds That Hate


Hey, kids, here's a big surprise! Ron Paul thinks it's high time for patriots to stop letting the federal government push them around, what with its "laws" and "healthcare mandate" and all that. What's more, he thinks that there's really no longer any reason to wait to start watering the ol' Tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants. Speaking in the former capitol of the Confederacy Monday in support of another Lost Cause, Ken Cuccinelli's campaign for governor of Virginia, Paul said

"We need someone to stand up to the authoritarians ... They’re dictators."

...He stressed that the constitutional "right to keep and bear arms" was not for hunting, but to allow rebellion against tyrannical governments. "The Second Amendment was not there so you could shoot rabbits," he said. "Right now today, we have a great threat to our liberties internally."

This talk of the need for revolution is certainly not unfamiliar to gun-fondlers, but as far as we can tell, this is the most direct call that Ron Paul has made for actually shooting people. Right now, today.

Well, sure. why not? What could possibly go wrong?

As MoJo's Kevin Drum notes, the really surprising thing is that this kind of talk isn't especially surprising: It's pretty much standard libertarian/tea party rhetoric. The man is saying that right now we are ruled by tyrants and we literally need an armed uprising to stop it. He gets cheered for it, and that's just kind of where the conversation is on the right today. Says Drum,

liberals don't have the equivalent of a tea party because there just aren't very many liberals who hold views this extreme -- and the ones who do are pretty marginalized. In the Republican Party, however, this kind of thing barely even lifts any eyebrows.

And it is completely unremarkable. Ah, but Barack Obama once quoted that line from The Untouchables about "the Chicago way," so BOTH SIDES DO IT. It's just that one side is quoting a movie, and the other is not using metaphors.

So yeah. Let's encourage armed rebellion in the support of states' rights. Seems reasonable, and couldn't possibly lead anyone to get carried away.

In other Paul news, Ron's son Rand, who was just shitcanned by the Washington Times -- a metaphor, we should add, because we do not actually advocate placing anyone inside a literal can of feces -- has found a new home! Appropriately enough, his mostly-ghostwritten columns will now run at Ghost Brietbart's Home for Inchoate Ideological Idiocy, where presumably nobody will give two shits if he just copypastes from the Heritage Foundation all goddamn day. Hey, let us not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments, right? Also, something something sewer waste finding its own level.

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