Ronny Jackson Calls Joe Biden A 'Cancer' Because He ... Had Cancerous Lesion Removed! Get It? LOLLLL?

Ronny Jackson Calls Joe Biden A 'Cancer' Because He ... Had Cancerous Lesion Removed! Get It? LOLLLL?

President Joe Biden had a cancerous skin lesion removed from his chest last month. White House Physician Kevin C. O’Connor revealed in a letter Friday that he'd spotted the lesion during a Feb. 16 health assessment. A biopsy later confirmed that the lesion was a basal cell carcinoma, a common form of skin cancer.

The cancerous tissue was "successfully removed" at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. No further treatment is needed and Dr. O'Connor said Biden has “healed nicely” but the spot will remain under surveillance.

This is when people should behave like mammals and say, "Hey, glad you're not dying." Or just say nothing at all. However, Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson took the road more traveled by assholes. On Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures," host Maria Bartiromo asked Jackson about Biden's condition and he said, "Biden is the cancer." That's more a metaphorical position than an informed medical opinion.


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"He's what needs to be removed, not the lesion they found," Jackson continued grossly. He suggested that the White House physician's transparency about Biden's health was just another attempt to "distract" from the numerous health problems Jackson insists Biden has. Jackson and Bartiromo have previously picked apart Biden's health like vultures, suggesting that Biden is mentally incompetent and an unelected cabal is secretly running the show.

Jackson was the former White House physician for Donald Trump, for whom he spun Paul Bunyan-like tall tales about his physical condition, and Barack Obama, who should've known better. When Jackson baselessly attacked Biden's mental fitness during the 2020 campaign, Obama expressed his disappointment that Jackson had become such an outright partisan hack.

He wrote in a private email that Jackson promptly included in his memoir:

I have made a point of not commenting on your service in my successor’s administration and have always spoken highly of you both in public and in private. You always served me and my family well, and I have considered you not only a fine doctor and service member but also a friend.

Weird that Obama would consider Jackson a friend. Perhaps he convincingly posed as a mammal before letting his MAGA freak flag fly. Over the weekend, at the sparsely attended Conservative Political Action Conference, Jackson ranted about the press exposing Democrats while sounding like the fast-talking 1980s commercial pitchman John Moschita.

There's no evidence that Jackson is just saying horrible things because he knows it's popular among the MAGA base. There's that scene in Purple Rain, where Morris Day mocks Prince after his father attempts suicide, but just after he says, "How's the family?" and laughs, there's a brief glimpse of remorse on his face. It probably goes without saying, but Ronny Jackson is no Morris Day.

Responding to Jackson's grotesque remarks, author James Surowieck tweeted, "Setting aside the classlessness, this comment shows how crazy the hard right's view of politics has become. Joe Biden is a totally ordinary American president. Even if you disagree with his politics and think he's doing a bad job, it's nuts to refer to him as a 'cancer.' "

Joe Biden's inherent decency only makes Republicans hate him more. They genuinely miss when Bill Clinton was actually fooling around with interns (well, just the one) in the Oval Office. Barack Obama was the idealized Black president from an Aaron Sorkin script, and Republicans acted like he was Freddy Krueger. No Democrat will be "totally ordinary" enough that Republicans won't dehumanize them. That's what they consider a fair fight.

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