Rudy Giuliani, Bernard Kerik Gonna Teach Black Folks How To Stay Calm, Enjoy The Police Brutality

Post-Racial America

This weekend, "Judge" Jeanine Pirro welcomed to her Fox News program Rudy Giuliani and Bernard Kerik for an installment of “Two People I Trust The Least To Discuss Police Violence." Pirro asked the former New York City mayor how we might address the “concept" of racism in law enforcement. Yeah, she called it a “concept," like it's John Lennon's “God" or the land of Narnia.

Giuliani, who is a piece of shit that a piece of shit passes after a three burrito dinner, insisted that police brutality isn't a big deal. The real problem is black people killing each other. Giuliani won't stop promoting the myth of a broken black race that only white people can save from themselves. He's the spirit of a Confederate general trapped in the body of a mob lawyer.

GIULIANI: If you were to solve all the police brutality, and you had none next year, 99-percent-plus reasons for the murder of black men would continue. It constitutes less than one percent. The rest of it is violence within the community.

Oh, fuck you. This is like receiving a lecture from the tobacco companies about how if they made their product less poisonous there'd still be at least half a dozen other non-lung cancers. Law enforcement should focus on reducing police brutality. That's in their wheelhouse. We'll worry about the other ways we can die, like slipping in the shower or gagging on a white coworker's potato salad.

Besides, I don't believe for a second that Giuliani cares whether black people live or die. He's not kept up at night by the BS stats he provides to justify police occupation of minority neighborhoods.

GIULIANI: And some of the police brutality is a result of the enormous amount of contact that doesn't excuse what happens, which just means, it is going to happen more in that community than somewhere else.

Yes, over-policing of communities is a problem. New York cops hassled a black man and eventually killed him over loose cigarettes. But black people who don't live in these “communities" are also targeted. A cop body-slammed retired tennis star James Blake outside a ritzy Manhattan hotel.

Next up was Kerik, the former New York police commissioner. Kerik pleaded guilty in 2009 to multiple felonies, including tax fraud and lying to the federal government about a $250,000 interest free kickback "loan" from an Israeli billionaire. Those are arguably more serious crimes than selling loose cigarettes, possessing a fake $20, or sleeping in your own bed. However, not only is Kerik still alive but Trump gave him a full pardon in February. (He did serve some time at a minimum security prison and spa.)

Not only does this asshole want to be my latex salesman, he's gonna claim with a straight face that there's no racial bias in our criminal justice system.

PARDONED FELON: I've heard people, especially over the last week, 'cops are going out there targeting black men. They're assaulting black men. There's all this misconduct.' Cops don't go to work looking for black targets. Cops go to work looking for a crime. And if you look at what CompStat did, what Mayor Giuliani started in 1994 in the NYPD, basically, we started pin-mapping crime throughout the city. So, we would know where it is, where the high priorities are, where the most violence is, where is the highest murder rate? That's where you're sending the cops.

And unfortunately, especially back in the `90s, when you had 2,200 homicides a year, a lot of that crime, 75 to 80 percent of that violent crime and murder was in the communities of color.

During Giuliani's reign of terror, the NYPD didn't go after just violent crime. They pursued a so-called “broken windows" strategy that ultimately criminalized human existence in communities of color. They were a police state. Remember Amy Cooper freaking out because someone asked her to leash her dog? Over on the po' side of town, her encounter would've been with a police officer and if she were (likely) a woman of color, she'd have been fined heavily if not arrested or tossed around like a sack of laundry.

I would laugh if I wasn't busy throwing up when Kerik claims that the police didn't specifically target black men. That was the whole point of stop-and-frisk, for which Giuliani's successor, Mike Bloomberg, has (extremely belatedly) apologized. Black people were regularly felt up by cops regardless of where they were in the city.

It's also debatable whether draconian tactics were necessary to reduce violent crime rates. Crime declined in plenty of cities at the time without asshole mayors. Also, I know Giuliani and Kerik don't think much of black folks, but the people who live in those communities don't view the NYPD as "liberators." Few black and brown residents of low-income neighborhoods have photos of Giuliani and Kerik in their houses next to MLK. Maybe they're just ingrates who resent unarmed black men dying in a hail of police fire because of their gun-shaped wallet.

GIULIANI: The reason the police are drawn to many more encounters with black men is because other blacks call the police, report it to the police or the victims.

Yeah, sure, it's only because we're calling the cops for “help." There's not literally visual evidence of white people siccing the police on black people for random shit.

Kerik and Giuliani whined some more about how the police are the true victims, and during an appearance today on “Mornings with Maria," Kerik suggested that it's the entire black community that needs “reforming" so that police won't kill us. Don't “combat" the police or “run from the police." There's no evidence that any of the more recent victims of police violence committed any of these NON-CAPITAL OFFENSES. Buffalo police shoved an old man who was in their way, like Gestapo cosplayers. Kerik needs to shut the fuck up. He can shoveling his racist crap, but no one's buying it. Those days are over.

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