Rudy Giuliani Decides He Will Talk To Jan. 6 Committee After All. Maybe. Probably. If They Ask Nice.

January 6
Rudy Giuliani Decides He Will Talk To Jan. 6 Committee After All. Maybe. Probably. If They Ask Nice.

According to The Guardian, Rudy Giuliani is about to pull out his chram for the House January 6 Select Committee. Just look how focused and with-it he is for his moment in the spotlight.

Riiiiight. Well.

Perhaps we should take any report of what Rudy Giuliani will do in the future with several large grains of salt, since he seems to be in only sporadic communication with objective reality. But keeping that in mind, it's interesting to note what Rudy has reportedly agreed to tell the committee.

According to journalist Hugo Lowell in the Guardian, Rudy's refusing to testify under oath, or to discuss his dealings with Trump, which he believes are covered by attorney-client and/or executive privilege. He will, however, spill the beans about his contacts with members of Congress and the effort to get Mike Pence to toss out the swing state electoral votes, including by rounding up the panels of cosplay electors to submit false certifications to the National Archives. Because if Jim Jordan won't come to the mountain, then the mountain will come to Jim Jordan.

"Giuliani is prepared to make exceptions in instances where the panel can demonstrate that meetings with Trump that would have otherwise been subject to those protections might have been broken, and that the protections should not apply," Lowell notes, adding later that the committee may be willing to agree in principle to some of the lawyer's demands due to his "penchant for sometimes revealing too much."

Maybe they should agree to hold the hearing at a midtown cigar bar. AHEM.

For all the bluster about refusing to cooperate with an "illegally constituted" body, in the main, hundreds of witnesses from Kayleigh McEnany to Bernie Kerik have showed up, with their documents, and answered at least some of the committee's questions. Only Steve Bannon was stupid enough to defy the subpoenas completely and get himself charged with contempt of Congress. Although Mark Meadows did invent a new category of dumbass by handing over thousand of pages of communications — hey, Sean Hannity! — and then blowing off the committee and getting a referral to the Justice Department.

People like Alex Jones, Mike Lindell, and Mike Flynn can sue the committee, but if Rudy starts flapping his yap about what went down at the Willard International Hotel when those idiots huddled up and tried to destroy democracy, then it doesn't matter if a handful of them want to spend six months getting smacked around by a federal judge before being ordered to comply. And according to Lowell, Rudy's agreed to do just that.

Would it have come to this if Trump hadn't cut Rudy off and refused to pay him for his services, much less cover his legal bills? We may never know. But Trump and the RNC have been hoovering up hundreds of millions of dollars, and they couldn't spare eight bucks for a guy who ruined himself in service to the MAGA cause. Lest we forget, Giuliani was making seven figures as partner at a fancy law firm in 2017. He's currently flogging cigars on a podcast, suspended from practicing law, and trying to pay off his lawyers by whoring himself out on Cameo. His obituary photo will either feature him leaking hair dye or standing in a landscaper's parking lot across from a porno store. Not to put too fine a point on it, but he's given up a lot.

And now a guy who's famously leaky and ungoverned is going to sit down in a room with Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney, and Bennie Thompson. Which would seem to be not a win for Team Trump.

Ah, well, karma's a bitch.


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